Public Question for Chad???


I see you have removed my poll about banning Doug Lord From the forum. I would like an explanation as to why I did not received any notification that you where going to do so. If I had been notified that it was unacceptable I would have voluntarily removed the post myself.

Secondly: You have not made any official remarks about Doug Lord Using the forum e-mail service to send harassment e-mails to people. Are the members of this forum to believe that you condone Doug?s actions?

Finally: Are the members of this forum to believe that they can say whatever they want? Because there doesn?t appear to be any consequences to making false claims, accusations, or just being a plane ass.

-Dan Sherman

Dan, the problem is that I admitted to Chad and this forum that I made a mistake by calling you an idiot via e-mail and I said that I would not use the forum e-mail facility for that purpose again.
But you have accessed my personal account on this forum and re-published an e-mail that I had edited without my permission.
You have also shown a track record(easly verified) of unprovoked personal attacks for which you have never apologized to me ,the forum or to Chad. If you can’t discuss the issues without making personal attacks or apologize when you screw up perhaps this is not a good place for you.
As I said I have apologized to Chad and the forum for being provoked into making an intemperate responce by e-mail to you-and I’ve publically said I will not let it happen again. You would do well to consider and end to personal attacks for your own sake and the sake of the vast majority here that want to discuss sailing.

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing


Has anyone ever told you to shut up because they weren?t talking to you?


Dan, use email if you don’t intend this to be a public discussion.

The Other Matt


I have used e-mail and gotten no responce.