Prowler moc-up hulls

Hi all. Sorry for the silence. I have just moved back to South Africa.

Here are the dimensions of my Prowler hulls that I have. I am really not too sure how to set this all up.

113.8cm by 11.5 cm. 23.5cm from the top of the cowl to the keel.
I am planning on having a solid deck separating the hulls by 40cm with a 130cm mast.
I will have to use a normal hi speed servo for the sail as I do not have the funds for a winch. I need the whole lot to fit in my boot, so I am planning on having twin rudders and keels. I do not know what dimensions are needed for these.

Please feel free to hit me with your ideas, as I am scratching my head with where to start.

Kind regards

I am going to cut off the ‘pods’, or at least some of it for better access once the brackets for everything have been fitted.

I have been doing some research into sail making and I have realized that I have no idea how big and what shape sail will be required for this yacht. Along with the size of the sail is the size of the servo that will be needed. This is all new to me as I have been building small ‘coroplast’ electric boats.

Thanks in advance.

I have found allot of information on mono-hull and I think that I understand it. What I am battling with is how to apply it to this cat.

Found out that it is not a ‘prowler’ design, but some other cruiser. I am going to use a double reach ‘cam’ on a normal servo for the sails and independent servos for the rudders. I will have the keels dead center and the mast on the same line. The keels will be angled inward by 10degrees.
Please could some one help me out with the rudder position, size and shape and the length of the keels. I was thinking of 15cm long.


Just remeasured my hulls. they are 1030mm long. I see that the Credit Agriole (a similar hull shape) is 1500mm with a beam of 850mm. Would 560mm be a better beam for my boat? I will still be using a 13000mm mast.