Prototype 50" (1270mm)Monohull sailing in rough weather

This is the beginning of the third season of sailing with this boat. I had so much fun with it the past 2 years.
Did not do any winter maintenance at all, and when the wind was up; in the water she goes.

Very exciting rough weather sailing, local report winds 12-20 knots. Boat is hard to control beyond 16knots

Just by luck, this hull is very similar to the new VOR65 Farr design . When I deigned this boat 3 years ago, I made a very pronounced reverse sheer because it needs more depth in the middle to support the keel fin. The new VOR has reverse sheer compared to the older VOR70’s.

It sails very beautifully.
Is there any photos available of the shape of the hull.
In the third video it surfs in the waves so scale…

Put 800 square inches of sail on it (or less) and you can compete in the Marblehead 50/800 class…

Cool boat.

Looks quite a bit more stable than Most Ms in a choppy ocean environment. Might be pretty competitive in areas with chop like that.

Sorry for late reply,
plans are available here

pdf’s are in imperial size