Hello! -
Yesterday I started a new topic about ‘the perfect trimaran float’ - this topic was ERASED, although it simply was informative, full of valueable datas and NOT OFFENSIVE to ANYBODY!!! - It wasn’t even some kind of advertisement!!! - I would like to know, WHO erased it - and WHY!!! - Following to WHICH rule of this forum was it ERASED??? - Are was this just an arbitrary ACTION???
Ernst Zemann

Before this is NOT CLARIFIED, I will not post any more!!! - Or was this your intention?

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 25 years of experience and a special interest in multhulls

maybe you should go to your profile. before you act like an idiot. your real name is ernst. and before you start treating the moderator s anything but respect. I for one have had it. no more is THIS CANADIAN sitting on the fence. wisdan doug does not exist. wis is on vaction. and dan is here. i am sorry they dont teach english were you live. but if i have a problem with someone or other people i called them my name i deleted some post then chad told me to stop and i did. but i seem to see the perfectionsist idea has come out agian. well i say prove it numb nuts. before you say it, prove it. i say my desin is the fastest in my pond. but it is not even close to the PERFECT iom. these "so-called moderators are doing this out of our own free will and time. trying to help other people. what have you too bozos done on this board but cause trouble
if you want a fight . bring it dont, dont sing it. i do this free and I have not got one free thing for this. other than a ****ing hearh attack
stop acting like children and grow up
and right now no fancy end line

when i delete somwthing. i pm, that person as to why, and give them 24 hours to either fix it. or dlelete it them selves. but somehow i am the bad guys? the mods are the bad guys?. why are 2 threads made my the same nut. called “protest” not " what happend" or what can be done to fix this. i have had thing changes on me. i have had post deleted. and you dont see me crying?
i apreaciate the fact that some people seem to think i am doing a good job. i cannot speak for wis or dan or even matt. but i speak for me. and when i logged on. there were 3 new threads. and 2 were negative. and I STILL DONT HAVE MY QUESTION ANSWERS AND IT HAS BEEN 4 WEEKS NOW

I thought the article was informative, and would like to read it again. I didn’t notice the word perfect. Ernst: Why didn’t you do what was asked?

Ernst: Can you post that again?