Protecting servos from water?

I saw the article in Model Yachting about the “cassette” approach to mounting servos and rcvr. In that article, Peter Jackson provided his approach to protecting the servos from water. Most of the pictures I’ve found so far of Footy’s seem to have the servos mounted just under deck level with or without the “cassette” hatch approach. I did a search on “servo” of the Footy forum posts and waded thru about 150 threads. While there were a large number of posts about servo selection, servo torque, etc., my scan did not turn up any that seemed to address the issue.

What other ways besides PJ’s have been tried to protect servos from water?

Jim Howell


on my my servo’s i open the cases and then immerse them in corrosion X I do the same thing with my recievers and I also brush the corrosion X on my transmitter guts.

I have sailed a few footies back to the dock with the servos and batteries completely underwater(fresh water)


Thanks for the response. I have not been aware - much less used any - of the Corrosion X products. I’ve been talking to some friends and trying to learn a little bit about it. And, had delayed my thanks to you hoping that someone else might offer yet another alternative. Sounds this might be one of a few approaches.

Jim Howell

i have also heard of folks taking apart the servo’s and packing them full of grease or Vaseline…

Hey y’all;
Been gone for several years. Even though last reply was December, this is a topic of interest, so have subscribed to it.

G’day Johowell,

I agree with Marc - take the servo top off fill with vaseline or grease and re-fit. I spray the complete outside of the unit with aerosol electrical tape. The same goes for the receiver and battery pack.

Tony, Marc,
Thanks for the suggestion about putting vaseline inside the servo case. I have several cast-off servos to try this with, not that the servos tagged for the Footy were expensive.