Proportional Calculator

Ever have a photo, chart, graph, or document that you want enlarged - but not sure of how much? Try the following link for a proportional calculator. It’s not exact, but can get you into the ballpark. Just enter either the current document/image height or width, and then enter the desired size you want. Press calculate and it will show the “APPROXIMATE” enlargement percent needed to get you close. Not recommended for exact scaling, but a great tool for letting you know what to set your copier enlargement (or reduction) feature. If it calls for 400% but you can only do 200% - you have to enlarge - then use that copy and enlarge again! May want to bookmark for future use.

Now you can take those line drawings - determine the overall length (or beam or draft, or mast) and by entering current size and desired size, it will give you a percent enlarge/reduce for your copier. Now you won’t have a wastebasket full of “wrong sized” copies… hopefully.

For a bit more detail try Quickscale

Its good for rescaling drawings etc. The unregistered copy works well just popup remimders to registrater.

I paid up, “just another software for my account to write off”

I am using it alot for preliminary work for the Pride of Baltimore. Changing scales from 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" & 3/8" to 1’ 0" to 1/2" to 1’ 0" or 1/24th scale.