Project: Reliable Nirvanna II

well hi guys! i dont think any of you know me as i have been ghosting the forum and learning loads. many years ago i got a Nirvanna II and was not impressed with the layout, quality, electronics, or basicaly any thing. and i could never use it because it never worked. unlike my fairwind which is probably 30 years old and only has had a on/off swicth go bad so far out of all the original electronics, so heres my current progress :slight_smile:

polished up the hull after fairing it

hereโ€™s what the final color will be, but i messes it up. i should have sprayed it with lots of clear coat then sanded it smooth but i didnt so it looks really bad, this was after i sprayed it:

more pics to come, i couldnt fit them all in 1 post

current insides, im working on fitting the rudder servo right now