So I got my USOM laid up and popped off the plug. Pretty happy with the outcome. Def. needs some trimming and ALOT of work before it nears completion but thought I would post some pics of the progress anyway. Opinions welcome.

nice and pointy looking!

Hopefully will trim up nicely, this is my first build so my expectations are not too high and this product exceeds them.

how did you do the build, was it lay, over a male?

Yes, Just an MDF plug that was covered in that Blue West System Epoxy and sanded down, then sprayed with automotive primer. It is 2 layers of 7 oz. carbon ((1) 0/90, (1) 45/45) and a finishing layer of .5 oz. S-glass. It was all vacuum bagged over the plug. I only plan on making 1 maybe two hulls otherwise I would have made a mold off of the plug to allow for a nicer finish on the outside of the finished hull.

just out of the blue, if you are going to make a female, and are thinking of contracting out, i’m an unemployed composite tech, and i’m starvin, would love to do the job. only if your looking though.