Production Moonshadow

Hi guys,
Its been a while :)I have been convinced to build a few Footys for some mates,so I have decided that Angus’s Moonshadow would still be a excellent boat with a few small tweaks.
I am adding a small raised foredeck and will also mould the keel fin together with the hull to ensure total accuracy of alignment.
Since its a fair amount of work to produce the tooling for just a few boats I wondered if anyone else was looking for well built/designed Footy boats,I can mould them and send them for reasonable prices.(I will need to figure out a price if there is interest)
I would also like to donate a % to the class association in Lieu of the designers fee
reply here or msg me if you are interested.

Hey Brett,

Good to hear you are back in the game so to speak. I think that you may find demand linked to the price and shipping costs. So, post what you think is fair for your efforts along with the estimated cost to ship to the US and England and see what happens! Certainly Moonshadow is a legendary design so I think that that alone would peak guys’ curiosity. Good luck with it!

Welcome back, my friend. Is it true that the bath water spins down your drains backwards? :spin:

Moonshadow is a beautifully designed and sophisticated boat…you and Angus did well. I probably should get one, but pride prevents it! I can hear Angus laughing from his grave.

I’d like to think my boats are well-designed, but I’d have to admit they aren’t always well-constructed. Someone recently told me they are not supposed to leak!! Oh well…

I’ve been trying to simplify lately, as some people have had trouble building multi-chined hulls…developed a “back to basics” flat-bottomed boat (anyone remember BobAbout?) as a simple build for a club project. It turned out to handle so well that it has me wondering if we’ve made it too complicated over the last few years. More sailing is needed to be really confident, but it looks competitive…I’ll keep you informed.

All the best to the guy that invented the most significant Footy innovation ever…and I thought you were crazy when you sent me the first concept drawing for a McRig.


Moonshadow was designed to the AA battery rule…now that restriction is removed she can be built a little heavier and still retain the originals ballast ratio.
The plan is to mould the hull and keel together so to have perfect alignment.I am thinking that the hull and fin could be moulded in carbon fibre to make a stiff hull/fin that would last a long time.
I am guessing that once tooled up the completed hulls/fins/ballasts/rudder moulding would need to be sold for about $250 incl shipping.
I believe this would be a very competitive package for any serious Footy sailor.
Thanks for the comments guys

Hi Brett,

You may want to concentrate the carbon in the keel fin and/or a strip continueing up the sides to the gunwhales. I have found that carbon can screen the binding connection between transmitter and receiver on 2.4GHz units. My latest design was laid up with 3 layers of .9oz. sheething glass and the bare shell came in at 15 grams. This was a bit light and the hull is a bit more flexible than I’d like. The next one I pull I’ll try using 1.8 oz. Kevlar with a layer of sheathing glass on the outside. It may still be flexible but at least it won’t want to crack just in handling it!