Production Design Class

Design Rules for Production Design Class Model Yacht

This is a set of rules based here are for the Production Design Class for those that wish to design a model yacht for racing competition or scale competition as well.

[li]This is for any vessel that is in production such as the Farr 40?s, Sydney 38?s Alfa Romeo, J24?s etc or vessels that are designed by naval architects/yacht designers that you like.[/li][li]The size of the vessel can be 1.5 to 3 metre range length overall.[/li][li]Its open to all Monohulls, Multihulls, Keelboats, Trailer Sailors.[/li][li]All sizes such as beam, draft, draught, weight, keel types, sail area, mast configuration setups etc comes from the original boat to be scaled down to 1.5-3 metre size[/li][li]Sails can be reefed into the mast, jibs can also be reefed (if possible) spinnakers can be used, bow spirits can be used and retracted, this will depend on the size of the model if the original boat has it. The sail cloth and the weight of such is the same as the real boat.[/li][li]The model is to be self righting in the event of a knockdown [/li][li]The model can be sailed in lakes, bays, estuaries and coastal/open waters[/li][li]The boat is to be built and repaired by the home builder[/li][li]Boats must be fully transportable whether in a car or on a trailer (depending on the size. [/li][li]Depending on the size and the complexity of the vessel you may need more than one modeller to sail the vessel, unless you use a large RC Unit of up to 12-24 channels. Also depending on the size and complexity that an Internal combustion engine (diesel) can also be fitted with folding prop (2.5 to 3.5 metre range) [/li][li]Obtain permission from the yacht designer/class association to obtain information about their boat that you wish to design inc copyrights and patents. [/li][li]If there is a class association they you have to keep it as close as much as you can within the rules of that class, obviously you are designing a model so some things will be omitted from the class rules. [/li][li]The plans shall contain information to build the model or if not stated on the plans then a construction manual must be well written with lots of photos and diagrams which will be done step by step for the builder to build the model.[/li][li]All plans will include fully detailed drawings i.e. a sheet on sails another on rigging etc etc just like you find on Full Size Yacht Design. [/li][li]All products are to be ?Off the Shelf? where there are no products that are ?Off the Self? then the designer must develop their own products on the plans for the home builder to build it.[/li][li]The Class badge is to be and placed on the mainsail. The class Badge will be the same is the real boat (if it has a class badge on it). If it has a designers badge as some yacht designers do then that will be placed on the mainsail. [/li][li]A list of suppliers would also be a helpful when sourcing out suppliers.[/ul] [/li]Your thoughts on the above design rules.