problems with the forum

ok people
this is from me " cougar" I have noticed that this forum seems to lack a certian particpation. when i first came here. we had alot of threads . alot of people adding thier opinion. and this was the place to be. I was a member of windpower as well. I am a member of 7 different forums. but this is the one I choosed to be acitive on. what do we need ? do we need to go back to way it was before? are there too many rooms? what do you what to hear from. how do we bring back greg V, maybe rich matt. if greg has a problem with me. i will step down. he is a great guy . full of good ideas. and it was fun to joist with him. he made me become better.
do we need a room for just newbies?
if you dont speak up. you cant fix anything. does anybody know we have a chat room?
for me. I think we have too many rooms. when i first came here we had a general dicussion, tech, new class, and multi hull. we got the pub. so that people could go off topic. and yell at people. we got the footy. because people were building them. i think we should go simple again. find a way to bring back some members. people like greg. who can find great videos

Hello Coug, Well I think you got it right, first up. Too many of too little things. I would like to see a theme to it all or perhaps a central focus page.

I went into Chat Page and I found it, well, a complete waste of time. It was just words and not much info! Do people really have a chat that way?And the other thing is Where is Marco Island and what is it doing on the forum? And why , (for crying out loud would anyone require the Worlds smallest gooseneck?)

what is happening in Multi and footy? There is some bugger who wants to split something off into another page when something starts to get interesting , till earlier in the year we had (it seemed) 4 X 12metre pages going similtaniously from split- offs, not good guys. Totally confusing, till now it has died through your interferring in it.

Like most conversations , they run there course and can run out of steam and I suppose that is the time to think about adding or subtracting to the theme but certainly not before that happens.

Things can get lively as most friendships do from time to time. As with Ian and myself. we have known each other for 20 years, (personally) and yes we do have our little spats ! But have you had a freindship that has gone for 20 odd years and your never had a disagreement with each other??? What sort of freindship is that?? YUK.

Do you see that warning sign above my posts? It means to me that I have tried to make it… interesting.


From JayDee,
Ok Cougar, over to you, YOU post a post that will get everyone focused and falling over themselves to answer it.
NOW is YOUR big chance!!!.

Dont blame everbody else for not doing that which YOU have not done!!.
True enough there used to be subjects which were very interesting and ran for weeks on end, BUT, did you start them?.

Its not who, but what is, thats the essence of a good thread, is has to have universal appeal, which is what is sorely lacking at the moment.
In the past I have upset quite a few people on this Forum, mainly by speaking my mind, a dangerous thing to do it seems.

So, Cougar, over to you!!!.


My personal feeling on this is that there is nothing wrong with the way the forum is set up. Now the following is my personal opinion on this, and I can be a real donkey when it comes to such topics (if you know what I mean). Some people are too lazy, proud, or dumb to learn how to use the forum properly.

If you don’t know how to get to or post something ask a mod, it’s one of the things we can help you with. If you don’t like the topics being discussed start a new one. If people don’t want to talk about your topic, deal with it.

So far today 30 different members have logged into the forum, so the people are here, maybe they just don’t have anything to say. I personally don’t think anything is wrong with this considering the time of year.

it isn’t the forum but the members, too many arrogant old pricks!

Well Dan, the old , old saying is “if it ain’t broke , don’t fix it”! You seem to in the minority in this thought, however , isn’t this what this Forum is about, having a different point of view? our point of view was invited by Coug.

The forum is sinking (thought wise). Some of the titles are for filling up space. Now if I don’t like the pages , at your invitation I can do something about it. Too true, too true!! And this is where the problem seems to be. the choice of subjects. I note there is no clear theme to it all , just R/C sailing. Which can encompass screws to secure the smallest servo in place, to a 1/5 scale oceanliner.

Do we suppose that it would be too much to ask for a little bit of guidance here from our moderators. Do we know that in our Pub Page what the moderators thoughts are on “Rant and Ravings” means. My English dictionary say ‘To Rant’ , is to talk violently and at length.‘Raving’, to speak wildly or irrationally. To do either of these two things will get you a DSQ…PRETTY DAMN QUICK around here . So the directions are really way out as we all found out when the word 'Geek" was mentioned.
The subjects are something else. It is clear the 12 metre subject was of interest to more than a few. All this good stuff came out and then there was this stuff from the Ballarat Boys, this to was the emergence of a whole new little club, starting from scratch,with no help from anyone, a sort of a cameo of what we were all about in R/C sailing. Now as we watched , they started to function first as individuals asnd then as team mates and we saw them negotiate there first regatta. Where do we get another one of those to study. The lesson in there were ignormous for every little club in the world starting out. Where is it now, gone by the way side.

How about asking guidance to our “arrogant” members? Seems like they are a few overhere! It also seems that the “problems” somehow began with the forum’s new members… Funny little wings…

Actually the forum was broke the old way, it had several security issues if I remember correctly, and thus the reason Chad upgraded it to the new software. The in-ability to navigate to the sub forums is in my personal opinion ridiculous. Want to se a high user count forum check out .

Yes you are free to express your point of view, no one is stopping you. I am expressing my point of view as well, it just happens to be apposed to your point of view.

In your opinion.

You can post whatever you want in the forum, as long as its r/c sailing related.

You can post just about anything you want in the pub as long as it?s not out of line, or violates forum rules. Who decides this you say? The moderators do.

Well Dtc, you’ll have to give me that in English, I’m a bit out of 'fricasi of rabbit wings "

And Dtc we are (lets hope) trying to address some problems that are/ have come up. Why don’t you try and help. Then you can have your fun with me later …

I know what your saying Dan and I can see your point. I don’t agree with you but there it is. May I suggest you take out Rant and Rave in the PUB, because these violate forum rules.

Don’t even think I am here to help! I am much more an a$$…but at least I know it! Seems you don’t! I am sick and tired to read the same crap from some “old” guy who lives in the past! again as I said, I am an a$$! and take full responsibility on all my acts! As for the forum rules…I guess the Admin(s) and Mods are here to do the job! if they don’t, I don’t care! PERIOD Arguing on the internet…I leave that to the 12yo or “old” guys with time.

i have yet to ask how many persons on the forum have bitten the dust so to speak for expressing there views ?so i will ask now ??
2 ? 4 ? how many ?we are talking about a sport here not a life or death matter perhaps its to easy to asassinate some one by electronic means when you have the safety of the www to distance your self from the event.steve & myself have experienced the fate of telling the king he is naked !still did not give him clothes
any forum any ! that allow free expression on there pages have no problms from my view.If a topic has legs it will run,no legs no posts no problem !or is that to simple ?i know of 2 forums that have naked kings funny thing both deal with the same class of boat,boring!
No vision, no vision you end up stumbling around in the dark.instead of asking what problems do we have ?ask what progress are we are making the answer should be plenty.
demolition experts are easy to find --good builders you pay top price,(for builder read moderator)its not my cup of tea so to speak to sail a twin or triple hull but the persons who do have the same love of sailing as i have sailing my boat,is this not what it is all about ?
:devil1: its the time for new year resolutions,mine is long life to the forum:biglaugh:

I really think that this forum didn’t wait for both of you! Geez! we had our Lord, now our saviors! what’s next?

Warned Mod Dan

rant - 1: a loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion 2: pompous or pretentious talk or writing v : talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner

rave - 1: To persist in discussing a specific subject. 2: To speak authoritatively on a subject about which one knows very little. 3: To complain to a person who is not in a position to correct the difficulty. 4: To purposely annoy another person verbally. 5: To evangelise. 6: Also used to describe a less negative form of blather, suchas friendly bullsh------.

Seems about right for the pub.

I think that one of the reasons for the slowdown in posts is to do with the fact that the internet is new. In the last few years as people gained access to the internet they went looking for things that interested them. Discussion pages happened. Information was exchanged and those with the info had an advantage in boat building and racing. The word got around that the internet was the hot place to learn stuff so everyone climbed aboard. Now the forums are busy as hell. A lot of these people decided to make web pages with the info on them. Now people don’t have to join forums to find out stuff, they can find it all on web pages and they don’t have to put up with posts such as this.

Or maybe by advising everyone that comes along to join a club we sent them off to join clubs and they get first hand info.

Or maybe all the questions have been answered. Everyone was just waiting for that final bit of elusive info-Sailmaking. Now that has been done, everyone left.

I know Windpower is just as slow(or worse), is there any other forums to compare with.

Have people gone off to join class based forums, strickly IOM or US1M or such.

Maybe people get so pi$$ed-off trying to understand people that don’t use punctuation or caps or spell check that they quit.

Maybe when the rush was on it WAS mostly younger people and as the internet got easier to use the old farts(myself included) joined in and scared them all away(that’s an old farts way off saying we bored them to death). Maybe if we didn’t post our ages they wouldn’t know.

Or maybe it’s just winter and it’s too damn cold and/or wet to go sailing and so we lose a little interest.


this is a reply to jay dee.
john I have started some threads that got poeple interested in giving their view. but what i am after here is what don pointed out. MAYBE these forums have become old, and have outlived their usefullness. we have started alot of people out and given alot of information. but i dont think that is the case. I am looking for ideas here. ideas that will help and not just piont a finger at a member saying " he is to blame" dick lemke is strong into multihulls. he know alot about them. so if i have a guestion . I go to him. If i have a question about 3raters. i talk to dan. myself, I am big into IOMs i have 4 of them.
what do you need to know? what do the members need to know. can we start a thread about designing? or sailing skills? the problems we had before was just one guy saying he was the GOD of rc sailing. and his piont was the only point. he would call other people idiots. saying that he was the “know it all” was not why he was banned. he was banned because of he behaviour toward other sailors. I consider myself a nice guy. and even when dan and i argue. i never call him an idiot.
SO what do we need to make this better? how do we get more people invovled?

That is a damn good answer!.
The truth is, I just don’t know what subject would start a big discussion.
Maybe we have got to the bottom of the barrel and we are just scratching around, looking for new ideas.
Perhaps if we all just Chat and sort of “think out loud”, something will crop up!.
Look at it as “Writers Block”, folk writing books etc, run out of ideas.

The Forum will get along quite well without earth shattering subjects, we may be expecting too much from it!
The great writers of the world have days off and holidays, they are not at it night and day,- - not writing anyway!!!.

As long as we don’t get bored and start fighting, I am sure the problem will resolve itself.

Maybe if we all took up two or three user names we could talk to ourselves. Those of us over 50 probably do that anyway.

internet new? Hmmm not in my book!

accendo abutor abeo indignus:king: :timebomb: :golf:

To be honest, as a new member to this forum, there is nothing wrong with the way the forum is setup. I am able to go around to the different areas with no problem, able to search some of the older post, etc etc.

The biggest problem I have though, is the lack of response to someone trying to get started (i.e. me) in rc sailing and wanted to know some infomation. Most people have told me to join AMYA and get with a local club, etc etc. Well thats fine and dandy, Joining AMYA isn’t a issue but finiding a local club thats associated with AMYA is the issue, the closest club to me is over an hour away from me. Personally why should i have to drive a total of 2 hours to visit someplace for a few hours to find out if I should fiberglass my transom or not?

Dick has helped me out alot, as I am really interested in building a tri or cat. And i sure he can help with any questions that I have with contruction, rigging, and sailing them

I guess what i am trying to say: When a new person joins the forums, seeking help with little or no experince in the hobby, help them out. A few people have and thats great, but those few are prolly a small percent of ppl that actually have a wealth of knowledge.

just my two cents,