Priviledge Freq. for ham radio lic. holder?

Hi all, being new to r/c sailing I hope you can tell me, if I get into racing, would I be allowed a spec. freq. as I hold a gen ticket in ham radio. I ran nitro boats for many years and they would not let me use spec. freq. Never could understand that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe KG4OIU


Holders of Ham licenses are allowed to use the 50 and 53 Mhz bands. I think there are 18 channels there. Most RD’s would infact welcome the use of the 50 and 53 mhz bands as it lessens the impact on the 75 Mhz and 27 Mhz bands.

Doug Hale

you most definately CAN use the 50 mhz frequenccy if you have a ham lisc. I have one, and most people are excited to have people utalize these frequency as it frees up the 75 mhz frequencies. Maybe the individuals running the nitro events knew something about other ham operations in the area that could casue interference and cause a nitro boat to run out of control in a dangerous manner. . . only thing I can think of. As long as you have at least your call sign listed on your transmitter, you should be good to go.