Private Mail

Rant mode ON[:-banghead]

After having a few PM conversations it occurred to me that people are swapping tips and ideas off list. I don’t think this should be happening, unless, of course, it really is a secret. When someone asks a question, answers it on the list, not via PM. I realize that people are shy and think that the answer has been on 100 times before but new people are here all the time and it’s not right for them to miss out on your wisdom. If you are not sure of your answer say so and someone will correct you and then at least two people benefit. I realize that everyone is a little gun shy right now but I just hate to think of all the good ideas that I am missing. I think PM should be for exchanging E-mail addresses and such. Stuff that is private. People join this forum to exchange ideas- Private Mail dosen’t accomplish this.

Rant mode OFF[:-angel]

Thank you for your kind attention[:D]


Well said Don,

No point in this board if we all keep ideas private and aren’t willing to share ideas openly. Kind of thought that was the point of these boards.