PrintingDWG files

Does anybody know of some freeware software that you can use to print the DWG files on inkjet or laser?


Yes here :

Which one is the freeware program? So you can print the DWG plans?

I’m not sure but I think is this:

That’s a good program, Caudio, but every time I try to print the drawing to full fize, the program will fail. :frowning:

try the rhinocad demo


What is that link you put up there for or about? I won’t follow a link unless I know where it goes. It’s a good idea to give a brief note.


I think it IS very clear!!!

the rhinocad demo

then Dan leaves an url!

Sorry Dan- I missed the fist part. What is rhinocad for?

maybe you can print dwg files like you asked???
Just a wild guess…

follow the link ROTFL:devil1:

How about going to autodesk (autocad) and downloading their viewer, it’s free. This is the safe link to their download.


You can also download Free DWG Viewer. I am using it for some time and it works fine.
Link is:

Free DWG Viewer is very nice, but you can’t print from there, unless you buy it. I used it to zoom on some parts, then save those parts to a JPG file, and then to print it as big as I thought would be right, and finally, enlarging as necessary with the copier.


Solid Works! They also provide a free viewer!

Or try the open source community!

Here, a fast search!