printing Papaya Footy plans

What size paper should it go on? It’s from a German guy, so it should be A4 maybe?


Legal size paper works. the PDF viewer scales the pictures to the right size. A3 is the metric size.

I take back that last statement. :scared:

You can print the page with the hull panel templates on legal size paper in landscape orientation, but to print the sailplan document to scale you’ll need a printer capable of printing on A0 paper (33x46 inches.) Adobe acrobat can tile a document (to print on multiple pages, then you glue them together,) but not with the free reader program, so it looks like you’re outta luck if you want to print the sailplan to full-scale, unless you have the commercial Acrobat program. :rolleyes: Or you camn take the document to your local office copy center to print on A0 paper ($!)

Unless you’re good at guessing at the dimensions.