Predator Photos/Experience

Can anyone here provide photos or personal experiences with the Predator IOM design? I am contemplating a build, but don’t know what kind of conditions it is suited for.

I knew by reading some forum I don´t remember actually, that the predator is not a good boat, its performance is not even average of any IOm, may be that is why there are no pictures or people who built it before as much as a Laerke, Noux or Vanquish.

tato Lazo.

I was sort of starting to wonder the same thing, but chocked it up to the shear number of IOM designs out there. I think I have switched gears and have homed in on the Azetone, a very good looking boat at the right price. I don’t need a used Gran Prix winner boat as there isn’t an IOM fleet around here, just a hodge podge of ODOM’s and USOM’s. If I get an Azetone I will post pics. If you have any opinion on the Azetone please feel free to offer it up. Thanks


There are a couple of pictures on the IOM Nordic site in their design database.


Brett who is very active in the Footy scene built the Predator for som time. Don’t know is he still has the moulds.

I raced the boat for a couple of seaons and was pretty happy with it.


  • Very good design once the breeze is up. The best races I had were in 2nd a 3rd suit conditions.
  • It looks different :smiley:


  • not the first choice for sailing in light airs

Well my wife and I recently bought a house so the Azetone got pushed out by that, so I may be back to building a Predator. Which is good because those are the conditions we see most around here. I will start my research up again and drawing some stations to be cut. Thanks for the help.

-Andrew Miller