If you see the ICEs or ANTs or BUGs, I mean alost the boat equipped with a powerlever, you see a “something” on the servos. I mean, there is something on the protruding part of the servo, or on the servo-brace itself, above the deck that seems protecting the servo. What is it and what is its function? Sorry for the question if it is a stupid question, consider me as a newbie…

It seems to be the servo brace itself.



Roger Stollery invented this way of doing things. He cuts a washer from thin sponge - the sort of thing you would find on your kitchen sink as a wiping up cloth, soaks it in Teflon grease, and puts it over the protruding part of the servo and under the lever. That way he keeps water, particulalry seawater out of the servo. I have built and used Roger’s designs (abvout five of them now and currently an Ice), but never bothered with the washer. I think perhaps I shouid have done, butt hen my boat has not so far been in sea water. Had i inetended to use the boat in sea water I would certainly have used the washer


Charles Smith

I do something similar for the deck mounted servos on my RG65s. I cut a washer from a sham-wow using a leather punch (available cheap from craft stores) and load it up with waterproof oil. Works well.



Great idea! Many thanks, I was just about to do a sea-trial of my new self-designed footy with the powerlever.
Mario :rolleyes:

Can you please share a picture of your Powerlever?

I tried to upload some photos, but unsuccessfully… However my powerlever is made in accordance to Stollery’s design, no news here.
I was wondering how to seal the servos. Yesterday I had a servo failure on a motorboat, due to water enterend in the servo itself that blocked everything… :frowning:

here the picture of my powerlever, installed on a Razor3, and the pics of my new self designed footy. It will have the powerlever too.

Here is my variation of the Stollery powerlever, which is more of a ‘power bar’ !
It’s very light but much stiffer than the power lever as it’s made of single piece of aluminium tube with nylon nuts, bolts and washers added. I know Roger wanted some spring in his power lever to help absorb the pressure of wind gusts so I may end up including some elastic in my sheeting system to achieve a similar effect.

I think your ring should be thicker to avoid the sharp corners of the plastic washer. Maybe some kind of a large bead?

the part that gets me is that it’s for a micro servo, but I got a 16ga. bicycle spoke, and it’s heavier than the (thinnest) servo arm. I would have to drill out a heavy arm.

Thanks for the suggestion of using a large bead as the sliding fairlead. I’ll have to start looking in different shops than those I usually frequent!
May be I’m missing the point but I’m not really sure what your saying about the cycle spoke, sorry.

I got a 16 gauge bicycle spoke, and it was much thicker than the arm on the HS-55 servo. A heavier servo arm was available, but it will need the holes drilled out too. I might have to use some 1mm wire instead of a spoke, which seems counter-productive.

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