I agree with JayDee, I have had a guts full of all the sh*t.

The only decent disscussion at the moment is to do with "I hate to say it " mutli hulls.

All the other postings are self destructing and go where.


“No the Johns are not ganging up” but just brassed off.

Edited for spelling

JayDee, dont leave us…no point of doing that, soon I ll be back and I ll have time to check the forum as I did before, byt yes, I did leave tyhe forum 2 weeks…I need some vacation sometimes.
In 2 days I am back in Japan and I will keep both eyes open for the one

Sorry to hear about all the troubles.

Wis, the hostile who will be back soon

_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

I’m with Jaydee. I will probably drop in occasionally but the bulk of my posts will be on Windpower. I feel that if Chad doesn’t care enough about this forum to at least chime in once in a while then let it go to the dogs. I feel that this last fiasco was as much Chad’s fault as anyones. It’s his forum and if he doesn’t want to maintain it he should dump it. There is lots of forums on the web and if this one closed everyone would move to a different one and inside of a week no one would care. Thats my opinion and I’m sticking with it until someone convinces me I’m wrong.
See Ya

Vancouver Island

Please stay JayDee!

Just returned from a weeks worth of big cat sailing. I see that I have no messages from Chad in response to my question, thus it seems that Chad has made a choice and as of this moment, Doug continues to be a participant of the forum and hasn’t been banned. This in turn means that I will no longer be making personal postings here. (I will continue to make “official” Formula 48 Class posts when necessary)

Like Jay Dee - I am giving consideration to pulling my posts. For those who continue to support Doug by suggesting we simply ignore him, I guess I can offer the same suggestion … “Just ignore the missing topic posts!” And as noted by others, there simply isn’t any reason to remain on this forum. Those with topics of information seem capable of posting to WindPower, and the multihull forum is also available for those type of topics of interest if anyone wishes to use it.

In closing, I do wish to acknowledge the efforts that the moderators had to make during the past several months, and my leaving is in no way a commentary on how hard they tried. They are to be saluted for trying to stabilize this forum under trying circumstances, and their efforts to bring the forum back to something that makes sense is also to be acknowledged. To be perfectly clear, I am leaving because Doug is not, and I also hold Chad responsible for making (or not making) that decision regarding Doug’s access to the forum. Since this issue has continued on since back in March, more than sufficient time has been allowed for the corrections to be made.

Fair winds and fast sailing to all.

good bye jay dee.
hope you enjoy you life on the water. i am sorry the mods were not up to your expectation. we got what we wanted doug is banned. but that seems to not be satisfactory to y ou. wis cannot have a vaction. I cannot get sick. well pull you post. we have a good discussion going on right this minute abotu hull design.
children GROW UP

Come back. Unfortunatelly, I misled some members by believing Doug still had acces. Very unfortunate, a series of circumstances resulted in my bad judjement…

hmmm I would to say a few words, not as a mod, just as a member…
lets stop talking about “you-know-who”! no point anyway

my 2 yen


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

That . “dot” seems pretty final. Don’t suppose I can boost it into bloom…

you know what this sounds like.
the post are “MY property” . fine so be it. leave. i want people here that are willing to help poeple. i find it very strange that once doug lord was gone. as some people wanted. there are still people pulling the post. well i geuss you can say . it is better than pulling something else. i would have loved to have jay dee stay. but like i told chad. if members are causing problem they should be let go.
i am beginning to think doug was not the problem but other people.
but anyway. good bye john, have a good life, and as one mod to another. i hope you get what we got.
long live the cup and cris dickson

Cougar i disagree Dl was the problem. i belive the forum is still feeling ripple effects of his actions.

Dan Sherman

getting time to stop talking about him!!!
Its finish and its past.
I will not accept any post talking about Mr. Doug Lord…if any of you have any concerns; go and email him; call him or whatever you feel like!
He was banned…what happend is past…lets think present and FUTURE!


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _


Sorry, Wismerhell -
I have to communicate my disagreement in this straight way! -

PAST is, where we came from -
and PRESENT is, how this group is TODAY! -
This isn’t my concern - as it’s allready DONE! -
No matter, if it’s GOOD or BAD -
it has allready happened!

I’m thinking about the FUTURE! -
And if ONLY the conservative type of people is allowed to speak, creativity may decline! -

I’m definitely NOT looking for REVOLUTION like DL -
but for rational and logical EVOLUTION into an interesting, challenging and creative FUTURE! -

If intolerance is the only existing answer to the PAST and the PRESENCE,
I could become frightened of the upcoming future! - and so may YOU! -

To upset other people by provocation isn’t OK -
but to BECOME UPSET is a question of SELFDISCIPLINE - of lack of it! -
Just blaming others and excluding them cannot be the answer! -

My humble suggestion -
let the intolerant people just fade away -
and give as much chances as needed to the future thinking people to get civilized enough to become valuable members again! -

Only then a FUTURE can happen! -
Best regards, Ernst Zemann

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 25 years of experience and a special interest in multhulls

Hi Wismerhell! -

Thank you very much for editing your previous post! -
Now it makes sense to me! -

The FUTURE is interesting - that’s what we will be part of! -

So - what should the FUTURE of this forum look like???


Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 25 years of experience and a special interest in multhulls

Sorry Ernst…didnt re read my post after posting it: mea maxima culpa [:)]

As for the future…bright would be nice

_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

Nice to read more than a “dot”.!