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I just spent two frustrating days trying to post a picture. Why is there nothing in the FAQ’s about how to do it? I did a search on “posting pictures” and yesterday it came up with Dick’s post on how to post pictures titled “Posting pictures”. Today the same search yields nothing. The guidelines say the picture size can be up to 150K and I saw one picture(posted by Dick) that was close to that.It would not take mine until I dropped the size to 37K(I noticed that most pictures are in the 30 to 50K size). When someone asks you to post a picture it would be nice to just post a picture and not have to fight with it for two days. When Jeff asked me to post a picture of my new schooner it was about half planked. By the time I got a picture posted it was just about finished (trying to post pictures while the glue was drying). The frustrating part is that even though I did manage to post a link I have no confidence that I could do it again. Would it be possible to post some easily accesible instructions on how to post pictures (both ways-a link or in the text)that would work reliably?

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It’s ok Don. I have trouble also.
The photo is rejected, its due to size, file name and sometimes I find I am not holding my tongue right[:-tong2].

I have tried on many times to get the photo in the text of the posting with out luck, now I just “Upload File to post”

It would be nice for us “techno freaks”[:-dunce] to have an easy way.

Us British Commonwealth people must stick to together, and not let those republiicans[:-alien] (south of you) rule the waves. [}}:-|>>]

I would rather be known for something other than those British Commonwealth People that can’t post a simple picture.

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Here is a workaround solution.

  1. Post the pictures to a free album somewhere else on the net, e.g., and then

  2. post a link here to enable your reader to click over to the photos. The album sites usually provide ample space for captions.

Don, A good way to do it is to post your pictures on a web-server somewhere. Check with your ISP server. Sometimes like in my case, they give you 5-10 megs of web-server space free with your subscription and/or your e-mail. Then using a free FTP browser, you can upload and download pictures on to the web-server to use on forums like this one. Even set up your own little website using free programs like Microsoft Front Page.

You will notice just ABOVE the “Quick reply” BELOW this post somewhere, in dark blue against medium blue, “New Topic” or “Reply to topic”. Either therein you will find a place to write and attach pix. They must NOT contain funny charaters such as MyPic(12). The “()” aren’t accepted.

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I figured out how to post a link to a picture that is in my album but I still can’t make the picture open with the text. Is it possible that in order to do that the picture has to be somewhere else? I just noticed that a starting member posted his pictures in the text. Makes me feel kind of dumb.

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I just found a great way to post the pictures.
Here is a free picture hosting site.
Just upload the picture and copy the messege board link. Then come to this site and insert the link in your messege.
Works great![:-bouncy]


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I have been using that site since 4 years by now without any problems or troubles! -
Give it a try! -
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