Postal Classic - Results

OK - here are the basic results. Full details and a bit of a general report will appear on the Website as soon as Charles manages to rustle up enough time to make them beautifu!l. Thank you Charles.

Total Points Place Skipper Best Time Type

8 1 Brett McCormack 5.56 Pipsqueak
16 2 Robert McCormack 8.35 Pipsqueak
18 3 Doug Hale 8.41 Pipsqueak
30 4 John Amoroso 12.31 Fat Bob
32 5 Gerry Cobley 13.18 Razor
42 6 Mike Roe 9.52 ???
86 7 Bill Shorney 10.03 ???
101 8 Chris Coxe 7.22 Kittiwake
106 9 Bob Browne 10.58 Kittiwake
107 10 Peter OBrien 10.59 Kittiwake
109 11 Charlie Mann 11.39 Kittiwake
110 12 Phil Ehrlinger 11.59 Kittiwake
114 13 Ron Mills 30.09 ???
114 14 Jock Gault 18.32 Kittiwake
116 15 Nigel Heron 30.16 Lajabless
117 16 Rod Harle 43.03 ???
125 17= Peter Merriam DNF ???
125 17=Judy Preston DNF ???
125 17= Angus Richardson DNF Akela
125 17= Adam Jackson DNF Kittiwake
125 17= Gary Spillane DNF Kittiwake
125 17= John MacAssey DNF Kittiwake
125 17= Mark Holcroft DNF Kittiwake
125 17= Keven Jackson DNF Kittiwake

Wow, 4 of my club in the top 6. This is great. I have one question though…

How could you enter yourself in a race that you scored and judged? You should DQ yourself to remove any hint of bias. That would make some other guy named McCormack the winner.:zbeer: Yay Robert! (That’s rootbeer)

You can keep the world record time. It’s the least we can do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I’m done picking on Brett. Congratulations Brett and to all that entered. Next race is Sheboygan, I wish I was going.

I was quite embarrassed to say the least,I honestly didn’t think my times with the exception of one was any good for a top result at all.They shouldn’t have been good enough to win.
Happy to remove both McCormack names from the results.

Who is organising the next internet event??

Brett, I know that from you point of view an Ameerican with a sense of irony seems a bit unusual - but sop being so daft and accept the man’s congratulations!:lol:
And all the best to young Robert as well!


hey, irony is not lost upon us… just upon some of us, who the rest of us chose to represent the whole of us…:rolleyes:

No need to be embarrassed Brett. I may have been too light on the praise and heavy on the needling. You really do have my sincerest congratulations.

We had 3 Footys sailing today. It was only a short session after the racing of bigger classes finished but it’s a good sign.


Well, it could have gone better - and it could have gone worse a lot worse. 24 skippers from 4 countries entered the First New Zealand postal classic. This wasn’t as many as we would have liked - hope springs eternal in the human breast - but it does represent about one registered Footy owner in 6. When you consider that two or three Footys racing was thought to be an achievement only 6 months ago that isn’t too bad.

Now the down side. Finishers were pretty rare beasts. This was due to a number of things: weather, ranging from 20 knots at times in Colwyn Bay to flat calm in Bourneville, inexperienced skippers and poorly prepared boats. Many people, often those from big boat backgrounds, failed to appreciate just how well a model yacht has to be prepared to race in order to race reliably, and mark rounding sometimes took on a distinctly dodgem car quality.

Where people did overcome these basic hurdles, things actually looked quite rosy. The fact that there were 4 different race winners in the 5 race series showed that the competition was surprisingly tight and that the format can be used to give a high level of close racing in the future.

The handicaps were calculated from race 1 for the handicap series. Again consistency was required to rise above the fleet.

Congratulations to all the placegetters – and to everyone else who took the trouble to turn out and sail. From what we have heard, virtually everyone enjoyed themselves (some with rather wry smiles) and will be back with better fettled boats next time. Special congratulations to Robert McCormack (age 12) who was up there in the big money and would have won the youth prize if anyone had remembered to award one. Other awards that might have been include the International Footy Plain and Fancy Cursing Prize – probably going to Doug Hemmingway (see below) or John Amoroso for his battle with the Giant Pond Weed. – and the Total And Utter Disorganisation Prize to the Akela Team who showed tremendous energy in finishing their boat by the lake side, only to discover that they had left the battery pack (and spare) at home.

For those inclined to black humour, the three good stories that unfortunately remained unphotographed have to be the sinking of Bill Hagerup’s brand new boat, the animated discussion between Angus and Keven the Demon Builder on whether they dared launch Angus’ new Akela with the bulb attached by ‘kind-to-the-skin’ surgical tape (they chickened out) and the fall of Doug Hemmingway’s boat from table to floor.

We are very much looking forward to similar events [well, perhaps not those reported immediately above] in the near future and the 2nd Annual NZ Postal classic next year!

Thanks Angus… a great job you and Brett have done, he in the getting it off the ground and you in the reporting :slight_smile: .

There was obviously a lot more going on here than just the fastest time wins… when you have the chance could we have a run down of how it was scored please?

Well done to everyone who entered. I must get our little gang to build a course for the next time.


The full results are on the web site

Excellent… I was diligently checking but they weren’t there the last time I looked… interesting reading.


wow! great job! i was just on the website, it looks very professional! you guys have done a fabulous job with this event, esspecially given the somewhat unique requirements of the footy! i can’t wait for the next one! [hopefully i will have my fleet in racing trim by then!] well done everyone involved!:zbeer:

For a first effort I think this was a pretty good entry really. This whole thing is so unique, an internet driven world wide postal event for 1 foot yachts. What chance of that wild idea ever working we could have said, and I am sure many did! But now it is proven and shown to be a lot of fun. The next one will be bigger.

The results are a fascinating snap shot of the state of the onion. A good mix of boats showed up. I am pleased to see that our kit is doing it’s job and getting people on the water with a Footy. Looking at the actual times it appears that several people and designs were in with a shout, the Daytona guys were off to a great start in particular. I am quietly satisfied to see that the humble Kittiwake had the second fastest time overall :sly: (well done Chris).

And especially, well done Brett and Robert… obviously the guys to beat!