Postal classic ...chatter here

Heres a thread for general chit chat through the postal classic racing period.

Tell us what your sailing…who your sailing with…even tell us how good you are!


Note that the man himself hasn’t come clean on any of these things!:devil3:

I’ll be doing it mostly on the Boating Lake, West Shore, Llandudno [no, that’s NOT a typo], North Wales.

See,-3.84515&spn=0.003986,0.006566&om=1 . The lake is between W. Parade and the Sea, just south of Abbey Road. The prevailing wind is from the west.

See also

Major hazards include mating swans and the Plaid Cymru (Welsh Nationalist) 8th fleet. Wuss to you alligators, sir.

Boats will be the prototype Akela and a Kittiwake. Building schedule slippage permitting, we should also have Dingo, Arctic Fox, Bear Foot, La Jabless , Flat Foot and some more Kittiwakes. Der Tag is 22 April. Everyone is welcome.

PS GOT to make that course!

Hey Angus! Is that the Beatle’s Abbey Road?:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: If I get it together I will be doing it all by my lonesome. I was hoping some of the other So Cal people might get something going, but don’t hear from any of them.

No - different Abbey Road. But I DID go to school on the genuine Penny Lane. The gave up replcing the metal ste=reet name signs and used watrproof cardboard after a bit!


I’m not sure if this counts as NZL chatter but I did major surgery to FatBob to make it a legal Footy. It’s fun putting a complete hull on the table saw and hacking 1/4" off the back. The nice thing was that I had room to do it. The steering linkage and rudder shaft were far enough forward that I didn’t even take the rudder off for the operation. Also sanded the sides some, much less traumatic after sawing the stern. Anyway, it’ll be ready for racing this weekend as I set out the course on the in-laws’ farmpond. I want to get some times recorded in case I’m too busy during the event I’ve organized.

Brett, will you accept more than one entry from a skipper? I’ve got 2 boats and will race both, but I don’t know if you want both sets of timings. I guess I could find a hired gun to pilot one of them.:devil3:

Akela well on the way to launching!

so is “Stiletto”… can’t wait to see what happens when this baby hits the water… i really ought to get around to building a course…

Soooooooooooo … !? All you dedicated skippers … surely somebody wants to brag about something … 3 days in and not a single result??? C’mon guys, start drinking … er, sailing … :zbeer:

meh, i’ll let angus start… [besides, Stiletto still probably has two or three days of work before she is ready…]

Hey, New England Footy skippers!

Don’t let the forcast of 12-18 inches of snow this week keep you from making plans to attend the New England NZ Postal race! The ice is melting and it looks like the race will be a go.

Join us at Lily Pond in Gilford, NH on Sunday, April 22. Registration and tuning time begins at 9:00 with racing starting at 10:00.

I’ll bring the coffee and donuts. You bring your Footy and your gloves!

Let me know if you plan to attend by reply to this thread or by email to

See you at the pond!


bill. i’d be there in a flash, but that weekend i have a conflict:mad: happy sailing though!

Southeast US skippers,

Who’s coming to Raleigh? I visited the trophy shop today and brought back your incentive. Not that you’d let material things drive your lives. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh man…i gotta learn howta sail…and quick.:lol:

Come on - you got to have a (nice) wooden spoon. Here in Wales it’s easy!

I thought you were talking about one those.


I was -but we can do it with a bit of style!

The CBMYC buils programmes are all - as usual - late. Should be going some time next week.

Anybody actually got any times they’re admitting to yet?

It was tough sailing today. Cold and shifty winds on the pond. Snow flurries too. I had one heat at 13:30 but had rudder problems after that. I was trying some fleet racing with my bother-in-law when a swirl of wind hit us. Let’s just say that press-n-seal doesn’t stick as well in cold weather. water over the stern flooded the boat. Days timed heats over. Cold hands also snapped an antenna, oops. I’m going to dry out, check for damage, and try another time.

I hope others have better luck.:zbeer:

Delivery of Akela now promised for Monday. Champagne (well, Cava actulaly), VIPs and brass bands ordered. Mayor of Burnley writing speech. Launch will take place at

Jackson Yachts,
The Cut

NB Full understanding of this post requires that you come from the North of England.

So far I have 5 skippers committed (or who should be committed!) to the New England Division race, and one maybe. Still hoping for a couple more.

I hope to race Razor (version 4) Halfpint (if I can get her rebuilt) Slingblade, and a friend will have my Cutlass. Scott will have Am Footy, and I have one too. If we get decent breeze, we might learn something!

The forecast says 6-10 more inches of snow today, but it should be melted off by the 22nd!