In an effort to share more r/c boat information, I have contacted a web/video hosting service and encouraged them to create a category for video shots for our r/c sailing creations. They have responded positively, and I encourage each of you to post videos there if you have them.

The site is called <u>KNOWITALLVIDEO</u> and they do have some upload limits … sorry, no 3 day complete regatta videos at this time, but short clips are fine.

In order to post or view, you do need to register, but that part as well as posting is free !!! (What a wonderful word)

For my first try, I used a video clip that was sent to me by Bill Hojnacki of his <font color=“blue”>NIGHTMARE F-48 </font id=“blue”>sailing in Hawaii. <font size=“1”>[credit and thanks to Bill !] </font id=“size1”>I have additional clips of Bill’s boat that I will add - and the smaller files <u>CAN</u> be uploaded via dial-up modem. Slow, but it worked. ALSO - be aware it usually takes 24 hours to have the video posted, since some are reviewed for appropriate content. <font size=“1”>(I did post on the weekend, so that might be part of the delay)</font id=“size1”>

For those with new digital still cameras - take time to look at instructions as many of the new cameras today allow a short video clip to be taken even though it is a still camera.

Anyway, for the rest of us, I would encourage the use of this site so all of our videos are posted in one location, making it easier to see and reference. If you do a video of your build process, they are <u>VERY</u> interested in educational and “how-to-do-it” clips.

So here is the direct link to the sign-in page: and if you get lost on the way, here is the path:

Go to the home page for <font color=“brown”>“”</font id=“brown”>
Select <font color=“brown”>“Hobbies and Collectables”</font id=“brown”>
Select <font color=“brown”>“RC Boats”</font id=“brown”> (we probably have to share with the power boat guys)
And then sign in. <font size=“1”>(must register for first time users)</font id=“size1”>
Select the video and sit back and watch.

You do need a media viewer, and Windows Media Player and QuickTime are two. There is a third but all are free downloads, so let’s take advantage of this free offer, and start posting those photos of your boat (or construction technique) actually moving or underway.

Cheers -

ummmm - it would be nice to post a short note here on this forum to let other know of your/any new additions to the video library !

sweet video, thanks for posting,

there doesn’t seem to be any wind judgeing by the water surface but the tri is moving right along.

pretty slick for sure.

Talk about “Moving Along” - hopefully Bill Korsgard will post a few of his ice boat videos … then you will see some real sailing ! [haaa haaa]

sorry, just too lazy to reduce it to 4mega…so one more time:

from down under


PS: from now on i will try to post under

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R/C ice boat video has been posted. <u>MUCH</u> longer clip than the multihull clip.

<font color=“blue”>Video courtesy of Bill Korsgard, Madison (area) Wisconsin, USA</font id=“blue”>

I don’t want to sound paranoid but I just read the conditions of membership in Knowitall and I wonder if Roy Langbord would agree to them.

Don Case
 Vancouver Island

[:D] [:D] [:D] [:D] [:D] [:D] [:D] [:D]

Hey - there are somethings out there, Don, ( I know you know) that it just doesn’t make a lot of sense worrying about. This might be one of them - but at least it offers a place to put a video that others will see. Keep it short and home-made and probably won’t have to worry too much about copyright theft or unauthorized use.

On the other hand, if one wants to make money on selling production videos, then you can spend all sorts of dollars for security on intellectual properties. ANd still someone will devise a way to make an illegal copy.

My visit to Bejing China proved that copyrights and patents are only for honest people. Over there a Helsy-Hansen Offshore (complete) outfit … bib-overalls and an over-jacket with removeable hood and high collar was available at a street-side shop for $75.00 complete. Was it a “real” Helsy?- nope, probably not, but regardless if a knock-off or real, the price was there, and no amount of legal protection prevents copies, hackers, crackers, splashers, etc.

Still, like you, my guess is Roy wouldn’t approve. [:D]

EDIT/ADDED: then again, there are other hosting sites to use if interested in posting vidoes of boats in action if the terms are not agreeable to you.

there you go:

hehe, edited


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Edit: now theres a rc sailing section [;)]

PS: try Vietnam or Thailand…there is NO copyright at all…amazing price, DVD, almost same as original, but zone free, for…5$!!, and they still make money…go figure

Dick, thanks for posting the video! Please note that it should be credited to Geoff Sobering who filmed & edited it. There’s another video & some stills to be seen at his website:
It’s a bit hard for me to watch, as my rig & ice runners have improved alot in the last 2 years.

these land yacht are amazing!!!


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