Pop Up Manufacturing (Looking for Manuals)

From the AMYA Honest AHAB Pages:

Just wanted to post to see if anyone can help them in any way. Please contact them directily.



Recently we purchased all existing stock and molds for the entire Pop Up Manufacturing line of racing sailboats. Our intention is to get these boats back into production. The problem that we have is that all of the existing building instruction manuals and assembly instructions were lost in the move. It would be a great help toward producing a new set of instructions if any AMYA member that has any of the building information in their possession would please contact us so that we could arrange to make copies. Also, any photos of completed models would be an additional help at getting these fine models back into production.

Don Spielberger
Loyal Hanna Dockyard
(585) 494-0027[/b]

Good Sailing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _/)


Glad to hear that the boats from Pop-up mgr are going back into production. I have more photos some where. I also have copies of their web site from 2002. I also have the catalog, price list and instuctions for stars and stripes some where. I just need to find where I bury them.

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I also thought that Pop-Up Manufacturing Company was Sold to: Warehouse Hobbies of
Lake Placid, FL 33852 800-444-1995.