Poll for 65mh rules

Okay, heres the options!

  1. Box rule, 65cmx65cmx65cm. 4mm slit located centrally in one of the sides, for a movable rudder.
  2. Box rule, as above, but with restricted mast height.
  3. Box rule, restricted mast height 110cm, and restricted sail area .225m2.
  4. Box rule, restricted mast height 110cm, sail area .225m2, only 2 channel control.

Vote for what you want!

I have just voted for the No.2 option, but I would suggest not to restrict the rudder to a single one at the middle hull (what I believe is meant by the 4mm slit, isn’t it?)

Yes, that is the reason for the slit. however, some have said that they didn’t want this, so we might do away with the slit, and have the 65cm measurement be the total overall length.

I have just posted elsewhere on this forum regarding no restrictions at all. (apart from overall length )
It is not an option in your poll.
Do you not consider that it should be?
We have seen before the result of petty restrictions and there stifling of the development of a class.
It would be a shame to see this happen all over again.