please tell me what you think of it!!!

Well, here I am…online…please let me know what you think!
good or bad…just tell me! thanks


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

Came up with a ‘This Website has Exceeded its Daily Bandwidth Quota’ message for me, and 3 popups!

If its not blowing it sucks!

oops…I guess the site is too heavy and the bandwidth exceeded…ie,too many people trying to see it…have to make it lighter…will work on it
Sorry for the pop up…but it s free hosted

well i do have a fast connection, so the site isnt heavy at all for me…guess i didnt think about other people…so i will have to work on it to make it more light…i ll do my best, but my 1st webpage, so html isnt that easy as for now…anyway sorry


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

well try now…i worked on it…even for the ones who have slow connection…should be better

Sorry for the troubles


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!


Good job.I was able to check it out yesterday, and it looks much better today. Too bad though about all the pop-ups.
A couple of things that might help. Write you html for you photos like this

<a href=““blank” ><img src="></a>

Note the ?TARGET=?blank? added in there. This will open your photo?s in a new browser window so one doesn?t have to always click the back button to get back to the photo page. This ?might? limit the amount of pop ups and also may help keep down on the bandwidth usage.

On a sailing note, get that jib lower! Also looks like you may want to get that mainsheet fairlead up closer to the boom. It also looks to be missing a forward string. The fairlead harness system you are using needs three strings. One to either side like you have AND one opposite that side that the mainsheet is entering the fairlead.

Otherwise it looks like you are quite skilled at building very nice boats. Your waterproof hatch was nicely done, but many might cringe at the addition of so much added weight.

My cousin lives in Japan, maybe you know him? (just kidding, … but he does live there)

Thanks for the advices…will try.

As for the pics, they are a bit old…last summer
I did lower the jib…about 1 cm lower, but I still use a swiwel…need to transport the boat without the mast in the car…but anyway its lowered…I ll post a pic on the web this week.

As for the fairlead harness, the kit says 2 strings…and I always wondered why not 3…here i got an answer…will try to put a 3rd string somewhere.

As for the waterhatch…I made this hatch some time ago…and well its maybe a bit more then the kits hatch…but at least i have no water inside…had about 1liter a day inside the hull…it works fine so I am happy…but this winter, I will do a diet…i can win some weight for sure

Again thanks


Ps: maybe i do know your cousin!?..nah, I live in Nagano Prefecture…so the chances are really low…too bad

if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

Please feel free to add your site to the linking section[:D].

Lookin good…


hey the web site looks great
i like the cat:-)
they only thing i did not like was the constant pop ups. but as you say. it is hosted for free and i can live with it. you did a great job and now I just have to work on mine
you have thrown down the challenge. well done

Sorry for the pop up…get the google bar…works great against pop up and makes people more lazy to search things…hehehe


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

…problem with that Google pop up thing is that it sometimes misreads some links on websites and will actually make them invisible.

Yes its true, but i still think these pop ups are more annoying…i need to get another free host without pop up[:-angel]

may the force be with me


btw i tried to change the html for the pics…but it seems i do something wrong…sorry

if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

the links page works great wis
dont change a thing. you could put in a little of your ideas though
we wont laugh