Please contribute for Footy article in AMYA mag

An upcoming issue of the AMYA Model Yachting magazine will feature the “Open Class.” Since the Open Class is open to all kinds of boats, that sounds like a great opportunity for us to get an article and some pics in, as well as a bit of a sales pitch to generate enough interest to be recognized as a Footy class. [}}:-|>>]

I just heard that Bill Young has taken over as Open Class secretary…Stan wanted out. If any of you know how to get in touch with Bill, please ask him to contact me, Bill Hagerup at or 603-284-6642.

I would appreciate contributions from any of you for the article. I can serve as collection point and “Footy editor” to work with Bill Young.

We need to move quickly to take advantage of this opportunity, so send me stuff!!!

Thanks to all of you…Bill