Plans poll

Do you think is usefull plan sharing? (i need to know the utility)[:-?help]


Depends on the plan.


i will take anything. i want to start a section on my clubs website. to included downloadable plans
this is a good idea
long live the cup

Guys !

I voted no only to express my belief that plans, like boats should not be copied (splashed) without the express permission of the owner.

Plans posted on the internet may be free, but there may be limits as to how many boats you can make from a single set. Most specifically allow one boat per plan set.

I’m not the internet police, but I feel strongly that if the plans interest you enough to build the boat, at least some kind of royalty (gratuity) would be due the designer.

Most don’t want a lot of money, but sure would accept it if offered. Please be aware of copyright issues, and of making multiple copies. If you want the designer to keep making plans available, at least have the courtesy to acknowledge his work, and pay for the plans if appropriate. The “PULSE” multihull plan set I sell, has a built in royalty of $7.00 US to the original designer per plan sold. He won’t get rich quick on that amount, but it does acknowledge his hard work to a small degree.

If you find plans, and they “look” free, at least try to contact the designer to verify if indeed they are.

Just my view, of course.

Good points. I would love plans to be able to make different boats. and try to find as many as I can.
One hobby I do is wood carving and in many of the mags there are plans, Most if not all state that a max of 10 copies can be made of each pattern. Granted some peole will make more and there is no control on this unfortantly. I have also seen at a few web sites were you can only view the plans and not print them. If you wanted a copy you had to send money into the group. A note about this method. Once you sent for the plans they are yours, no refunds.
I have also seen where you send in a membership fee then you get a access number for locked sections of different formuns. The membership fee was then split up and sent to the holders of the master plans.
If the forum goes with a plan libary there is a lot of work to maintain it and control access to it.


Sharing plans is a good thing, helps the hobby grow… etc. It is not a good thing when the plans are from someone’s hard work and are being exploited. There is not much you can do about it (I have had my models copied and it is entirely too expensive for me to pursue it legally) so you just lose out. Fortunately, this is a smally problem. Of course… I have never had a hit model… which in a development class happens from time to time. More often than not… the hull gets copied and the deck gets changed and BANG you have a “new design” Oh well… that is the fun of it all.

Hi sailors

Thanks for your opinions. [:-hspin]
I’ve take the plans and the adress from public sites, so i don’t think i’m harming nobody.
I’m developing a plan for a boat, and once i finish it i’ll share, because this is not my bussiness [^].
I understand the point of view of a designer who is in sailing bussines [:-tophat], but if you don’t, and share, you cooperate to the growth of the hobby.

good winds for everybody [:-captain]