Does anyone have a simple way of measuring the area at the stations to compute volume. I used to have access to a 40yr. old planimeter. The new ones cost $400. I did see an article on how to make one and then measure the length of a line it made.

Graph paper.
Count the full squares,disregard all squares less than half and count all those more than half.
Simple inexpensive and surprisingly accurate.

It’s called CAD. Volume, area, rad, etc. all done at the press of a button.[:)]

You can download several good simple CAD programs from the net that will give you more than you can ever use.
DeltaCAD is good.
Simply draw or scan your part, and you will know more about it than you ever needed to know.



If you don’t have access to a plannimeter or to a scanner and computer program you can divide each section into triangles and rectangles. That will give a fairly accurate area of each station. Then use Simpsons rule as found in an old copy of Skene’s “Elements of Yacht Design” or the newer “Princibles of Yacht Design” by Larsson and Eliasson to compute volume, Center of Buoyancy, prismatic etc…

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing