plan for boat stand

hey all:

are there any good plans availible for a us1m boat stand? any help would be appriciated

 v/r Mike B.

Do you mean the kind with the scissors legs, or what? I make the scissors kind that folds flat into itself.

get one of them cheap folding canvas seats from walmart,cut a hole or slot in the middle for the keel fin and u have a stand


Hi. In the past I’ve made stands using templates. Just take some cardboard and cut a template of your lower hull at two places. Using the template, cut another piece of wood slightly larger, but having the same shape to make a cradle for the hull (see picture) then get some felt, foam, or other equally cushy material and line the inside of the wood pieces that will be touching the hull of the boat. Sand, stain, varnish and attach a nice little brass plaque with the name of the boat etched into it and you have a stand worthy of display.

Download Attachment: stand.JPG

'Course this will only work if you can unbolt your keel. I suppose you could get really long pieces of wood an make an extra high cradle if you wanted. Whatever.



Hey Mike, I just went to ACE hardware and bought six 1" x 36" sticks and bolted and glued them together. Two nylon straps across the top cradles the boat. Took me less than an hour. See picture:

Our mentor here with the 60+ boat collection went to the local restaurant supply store, and got the stands that waiters use in real restaurants… you know… the places we went to with our parents back in the old days… heheheh $24.95 nicely made out of wood with a decent finish… I dropped my M on top and it works like a champ. If you need to customize it… you can get a couple of nylon straps and cinch them together and adjust it to perfection.

In any “X-frame” stand, please remember to have a strap to support the keel and bulb. If you just let the boat hang in the stand unsupported, the weight of the bulb/keel will eventually distort the hull.