This is my first post here so id like to say hi to everyone first of all.

I got my mini 40 out this week for the first time. Finally got a decent breeze with the larger rig on it after 3 days of very light winds, and over it went. The down wind hull dipped, dug in and it went over front first. Been told this is called pitchpoling??? So whats the best idea to stop this happening. Got it rescued and after 10min it happened again. Id like to stop this happening as the boat is just starting to shift along when it happens.

Also if anyone is selling any tri’s im after another one.


time to get a B rig [;)] or better reflexes (grin!)
btw, what mini40 you got? where are you from? you have pics?
I am a big multifan…but without atm…long story!
Welcome aboard anyway


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HI! -
What Trimaran do you have? -Do you have pics of it - then we (or I) could analyse why it pitchpoles so fast! -

And what type or brand of trimaran would you like to buy? -
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Best wishes, Ernst Zemann

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Hi Guys.

Thanks for the replys. Im going to get my camera out tomorrow and take some pics of it when I go sailing again. I don’t really know much about it. The guy I bought it off said its a mini 40. 115cm long and 115cm wide. Two rigs one with a 140 cm mast and a 160 cm mast. Oh and its red and white. The rudder has a fin on it to try and stop it going over but it doesent seam to work all that well. My dad sails full sized tris and suggested moving the mast towars the stern a bit or ballest in the stern. In idealists post there is a picture of a boat, mine does the same as that but as soon as the downwind hull goes under like that it will flip forwards.

Im located in the Lake District, North Of England, And I sailing it on Ullswater ( where donald campbell did the testing for bulebird).

Ive got an ideal spot sailing it off the main pier also not a lot of traffic on the lake and a good breeze most of the time.

Don’t surpose any other tri sailours in the North of England Come here? looking for some competition :-).

Buying wise id like another mini 40. One I can build myself so i can customise it a bit. Code Red looks nice :-).



Your problem could something as simple as the position of the sidestays. If they are to far back you will drive the leeward bow under all the time. Moving the sidestays forward if this is the case will help.

The main may be cut to full (to much roach) will drive it under as well. I’m guessing by the height of the rig that it would have a very big roach.

The centre of effort may be wrong. You need to have the centre of effort of the sails very close to in line with the centre of effort of the centreboard.


Could also be weight.
How much does the boat weigh?

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