Pirate Footy Festival ~ Clevedon 14th June 2009

Kipper me Capstans, AndyT’s Frolicking Footy’s are at it again! ~ This is just too good to be missed

Jumping Jellyfish this is not yer average Footy open meeting, this is put on a silly hat eye patch an and have fun at a Pirate Footy Festival ~ so now’s the time to get decorating your Footys ~ yes theres a prize for that too and getting into the spirit of floating your decorated Footys at Clevedon’s Pirate Footy Festival on 14th June

Now come on you Lolloping Landlubbers, this is not the boring old marker buoys for this event I’ll have you know. Galleons, islands wrecks special prizes for first and worst, juniors and seniors, round the island race, Internet course etc. So no Dithering Dogfish or Nautical Nitwits Just Fun Fun Fun.

And just as if that was not enough, Lawrence Hartley will be causing mayhem with his Footy Bottle Submarine!!

http://www.clevedonmodelboatclub.co.uk/docs/Footy%20Pirate%20Festival%20Clevedon%2014th%20June%202009.pdf (please click the pictures)

Come and have FUN bring the family
(Marquee if wet)

So get the charts out and navigate your way to what promises to be an hilarious day. (how to get there in the link)

The immediate response to this has been quite amazing, I have had 12 confirmed entries so far! Brilliant
Some people are even bringing their caravans down to stop over for the week to enjoy the “Party in the Park” the following Saturday!
The more the merrier

Charles Smith has eloquently described this as the Annual Footy Class Garden Party and a splendid opportunity above for competitors to get to know each other better

Charles thank you so much
This will be a tremendous event and I am so pleased to be hosting it.
just as long as I am not expected to act the part of the Queen <Ha Ha>

Best wishes


Pirates Sinking Ships, so to speak.

We in Tanglewood held an early evening event on a full moon night that involved the wives and a little wine. The wine was to eliminate the ladies fear of the controls.

Prior to the event, we stretched a line about 18" below the surface across the pond with inflated ballons about every 4 feet. We also taped sharp pins on the bow of each boat.

I assume you may be beginning to get the picture. The object was to have the first mates burst the ballons. There was a lot of laughing and everyone had a good time. We are frequently asked when are we going to do it again? I hope it is not just for another bottle or 2 of wine, but another chance to show they know how to run the ship.

Frank this is a lovely idea thank you

Make sure you use really sharp pins. We used a straight pin shaped like a “T”. They were about 1 1/2" to 2" long. Quite often, a direct hit would not burst it. Part of the issue is that the ballons move a little when hit, but eventually, they got them all. Possibly a safety pin straighten out might have been sharper. A small lead weight was placed on the main line at each 18" tie point.

We initially planned a race where the object was for first mates to sail downwind and pop a ballon. Then have the skipper sail back to the finish line.

We set the course so the downwind leg was going away from first mate thus making steering much easier, but after missing the first ramming, the ladies went into free-for-all battle. Thirty minutes later, all ballons were gone except one with a slow leak

Since this was an evening event, we spent the next morning on the leeward shore picking up the floating ballon pieces. If you do this, take some video and post them on youtube for all to see.

Good Luck

Frank, i have adopted your idea, but as yet i am uncertain as to how many skippers will be bringing their first mates or crew.

So i have a cunning plan ~ we will be having a variation on your idea ~ a blindfold sailing competition! skippers will be paired up one will have two Xbones eye patches and his 2nd in command will have to give him instructions. Much as in a modern day warship the coxswain cannot see and is totally reliant on the OOD to guide him. ~ I have today managed to get some Xbones balloons that will be weighted by the dock wall.

The boats will have to steer a simple short course round Treasure Island and back to burst a balloon.

Partners will then reverse to repeat the process quickest pair win.

I also have an internet course set and again fastest senior and junior get prizes.

A knot tying competition ~ but with a twist the rope and hands are in a bag!
so competitors cannot see what they are doing ~ Juniors will get a simple knot ~ seniors a little more difficult.

All other ideas zany or not will be very welcome.


I went out on a foraging party over the weekend and came up with all sorts of Pirate goodies and prizes.

I am preparing a program of fun for the day but not too much so we have plenty of time to enjoy each others company with our Footy’s


Standby for a program to be published for the day

we mean it ma’am

Sorry to correct you it should be “Man”

Sod-it ~ just call me Captain!

never quite sure about that:devil3:

I stand corrected :smiley:

Isn’t it nice we can smile about these things rather than getting hot under the collar as in certain side issues.

Good news is that the antenna balls and pirate lanyards have arrived as have the dubloons from the royal mint and skelli-jellies silly prizes.

I just want this event to be FUN ~ no political side issues, protests, starboard or give water calls will be entertained. Not that I hasten to add they are normally an issue.

Lawrence Hartley came to see me today and he has really got into the party mood

We went into Weston-s-M and managed to get him an amazing Pirate hat, he already has the silly shorts and T-shirt so looks like he is set.

Next Stop was the kite shop where we both managed to get some very nice Black Ripstop for a set of new sails.

We then went to clevedon after lunch to sail the lake and plan the layout and where to put the internet the course.

Every thing looks to be in place, tide times checked so here we go.

Hello Footy FUNatics
Just to give you the latest update, I have now had deliveries of the pirate antenna balls and pirate lanyards, as well as the prizes and specially minted Doubloons and skelli-jellies

Attached is the proposed program for the day. As you will see it is centred on having FUN. There will be no protests, calling for water, Starboard etc.
Click the pictures for sound effects!

If you have a bump, apologise and let’s move on.
Because some skippers will be dressing up their Footy’s, there will be no sail restrictions

If you do not have a Footy - please do not worry the lake is plenty big enough ~ just check the frequency first (Please)

Come and cheer for your favourite (or jeer for the baddies) it all adds to the occasion.

I look forward to seeing you there
Very best wishes


Mark, I do hope Karen will do us the honor of taking the photos to record the day?
Best wishes


This will drive everyone mad…could even lead to a duel or the walking of the plank:lol::zbeer:

I think I’ve already got that comming to me ~ hey ho all good fun
Cap’n Jack Sparrow would be proud of me

“Up Periscope”

due to family and opperationalconnitments my planned trip to Eastbourne this weekend has be scrapped so Iwill spend the weekendfinishing 283all polished and ready for clevedon