Pip Squeak Footy?

I ordered Brett’s “Pip Squeak” Footy hull and would like any advice I can get from people who have actually built one. I’m kinda rusty, I haven’t built anything for 20+ years (a Vic’s Mini Soling). I also ordered his’s full size “Bob About” plans as I find it easier to measure than convert mm to inches. Im sure I’ll be the first/only “Oakie” to sail one. If it ain’t a bass boat most good ol’ boys, out here, figure it must be a log.

I’ve got a Pip Squeak on order as well, plus have a Bob About around 60% done. The plans you’ll get from Brett are easily copied and cut for direct tracing. As that’s what I’ve done. It’s quite easy to build. I’d recommend 1/32 ply over balsa. The first attempt used Balsa and it wasn’t user friendly to me. It kept pulling away from the joints. Pre-bending might’ve helped also.

On a side note, where in Okieville do you sail? I’m up near Ponca City.


Don’t forget to have fun!!!


Thanks for the suggestion. A little trick I learned from scroll sawing, cut your copy of the plan (leave a border) spray back of paper only with spray adhesive, let it get tacky - 10-20 sec., press onto the wood, cut out the peice and peel off the paper. It’s just like a post-it. I found this much easier and quicker than tracing.

We’re in McAlester, we have a footy size pond in town, then if, I get brave, we have another “pond” called Eufaula.


Oh Well!