Two questions about pictues. How large can the file be? How do I get the picture to open with my message rather than have a link?

Vancouver Island

Don - if you use the “ATTACH A FILE” to a photo, it can’t be bigger than 100 (or 124 ?) KB file size. If bigger than that, you need to reduce the physical size of the photo, the resolution, or both. 72 dpi resolution is fine for web posts!

If you want to have the photo show up when the post is viewed, you need to use the little icon in the format toolbar when posting a reply or topic. It looks like a little photo with a black triangle upper left corner.

In order to use that, your photo must be saved somewhere on some web site - so it has a URL linked to it. The one of the MultiONE is saved under my “Photo Album” that is available on this site under the “Resources” link at top of the page. Look for your name. If not there, ask Chad to set up an album for you.

Back to the url…

My URL for the photo is

but to make it show up on this post, I have to enclose it inside a bracket “image” and end it with a slash and bracket image. Not sure if this will show up, but when you click on the icon above you should get the following [ img ] [ /img ] BUT without the spaces between the bracket and the letters.

Just paste your URL inside of the brackes so it looks like [ img ]<u>your</u> URL [ /img ]

Thus, if I paste MY url inside it will reproduce the photo inside of this post…

Just remember, what ever you want to do, it always starts with a bracket and it ends with a slash inside the bracket.

B = bold
U = underline
Center = center the text or photo inside the post
I = italic
and anything with a slash in front tells the computer where to TURN OFF the code …

/B = end of bold
/U = end of underline
/I = end of italics

All of the above to turn ON or OFF must be enclosed in brackets and without spaces.

Thus - if I do the following - but remove the bracket spacing, the word [ b ]DON’S PHOTOS[ /b ] will be bold.

<u>example: </u>Thus - if I do the following - but remove the bracket spacing, the word DON’S PHOTOS will be bold.

Also see the FAQ section for more on adding codes. Hope this helps… just try to keep your photo file size under 100 KB and you’ll be fine.

Also, in order to do what Dick is showing you, you need to reply to these topics with the ‘Reply to Topic’ link rather then replying in the white message box. There you will find all the tools you need.