Pictures Used Else Where

Ian HB , I noticed another instance where you “pinched” something without asking. This is the photos in Nautic 12 metre forum.You have done this in the past as well, I have mentioned this as well and you’re still doing it, please stop.

Ian, instead of going around , furtively doing it, just ask. With suitable recognition anything is possible?


Steve, whats your problem? Ian just posted them on a different thread to start a conversation. he isn’t claiming that he took the photos, or that it’s his design, so whats the deal?

Stephen, I have not “pinched” anything.
Yes I “reposted” the photos of the Nautic 12 which had been put up on this thread on page 13 no less. This was done as an act of kindness so that others who had an interest in this new class did not have to wade through all the rubbish being talked about old 12s.
As you can see by the dates of the various posts it was my idea to give the principals of this new class an opportunity to promote the class on its own thread. This was not happening so I thought that to show the photos would be of some asistance.
If my action has offended you then I apologise and will delete those posts if that is your wish.
I have been talking with Nev Beetson who has thanked me for my actions so I await your reply that I may be clear as to who I have upset and what I should do about it.
Regards from NZL.

I take umbrage at you calling Cougar or my talk on ‘12 metres in general’ as rubbish. Now your an authority on contents as well? Where does it end? Do we have the same chance on deciding if your ‘phonic gallopings’ are superior in any way, shape or form? If we are going to rave on, let it be done in the time 'onoured way of yodelling, if you please?

Ah ha, don’t you think if there was a class, people would be in there talking about it. So rather than have a quasi class,(one that doesn’t exist) people are silent. I’m only talking about a boat that I am getting, that a few of my mates are getting. But a class, well thats something else again.

Do you know how hard it is to start a Class in Australia? Difficult to say the least. A new Class in Australia needs to be holding regular racing in three states of Australia. Each state must have at least 6 boats in that state. If my maths is right thats about 18 boats minimum. Then the Class is to have some sort of infrastructure to survive. Whether that is a class association or State council affiliations. My boat is on order, 17 to go. phew!!

What I will do Ian is from time to time I’ll post on ‘12 metres in General’ some briefing on what is happening in putting the Nautic 12 together. And I dear say some photos.

OK gentlemen,

its time to tone it down.

Moved this thread off of the 12 meter to try and keep the threads on track while making sure to resolve this issue.

So Chad what is the warning sign for? Have I been warned?

Nope… No warning. It shows on everybodies. It would not give a 0 if you were warned and you would have received a private message explaining why you were warned.

Do want to continue pursuing this issue with Ian or is everything good?

Well chadI still haven’t been warned but I see I’ve got a 20% Warning, how come?

Chad isnt the only one!:rage: