Photoshop help

I am computer illiterate as far as photoshop goes. Could someone please Photoshop me a copy of an EC 12 hull. Gloss black with a gold bootstripe and a primer red below the waterline with a varnished wood deck? I sure would appreiate this and would speak highly of you for many days to come.

Hi. The only decent photo I could get. Maybe not what you wanted but close. Regards

May want to try an email to the class secretary. They post this which is something one could color in with any free, paint program. If not, perhaps they have actual gallery photos you could use.

Only a suggestion.

Got it you guys are the best, THANKS !!

This might help you out.

I’ll try to get some bare hull shots for you…and see if I can PS up some stuff for ya

here is a side shot of my 12 hull with a navy paint and orange stripe. I try to do some PS tomorrow at work…unless someone beats me to it…

i didnot have orange…so I used orange. I think a metalic gold woudl look better. Oh and no ones ever accused me of being good at photo shop…