Photos of 3R's on the water

Since I posted photos of my 3R I have had people ask me about it, so I though I would post some photos of 3R?s sailing. The boats below are owned buy Jim Ayer, and Rodger Drumm. If I remember correctly, Jim has built 4 3R?s now.

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boat 5 , who owns that one. that looks nice. i might even be interested in building one. looks like an old j class boat above the water. they look awesome
keep in touch. i would like to see what yours looks like

long live the cup and cris dickson

boat 5 is jim’s, he is building a new boat, becasue he is not completely happy with this one, he feels its a little to wide at the transom. He had wanted to sell #5 for $450, I don’t know if anyone has bought it yet. I think an image of the line drawings might be in the 3r forum some where.

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WOW very nice looking

What is the size of these boats


The 3R class is a rating rule class so they could be any length, but normally between 30? and 50? length overall.

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Wow, those are beautiful boats!

For those of us (at least me) who are new to the sailing world, what is 3R? I can’t find anything about them or “rating rule class” on the AMYA site.

It would be worth spending a few years (I’m kind’a slow) building one of these.

Oh Well!


The 3R class is new and not yet recognized by the amya. A few people started talking about forming some kind of new development class in late 2002. We are hoping to finalize the class rules this year. Below are the latest, and most likely the final draft of the class rules.

If you want to participate in the discussion, you can join the class forum here:

The amya separates it classes into two groups, one design and development. The AC and 10R classes are both what I would call a rating rule.

The formula for the 3R class is 3 >= LWL x SA / 7000

What this basically is is a trade off. If you want more sail area, you have to have a shorter length waterline, and if you want more length waterline, you need to sacrifice sail area.

For example my boat has a length waterline of 35 inches, and the maximum sail area I can have is 600 square inches.

I hope this makes sense, but please if you have more question please ask, because I?m always happy to answer questions.

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How do you measure the LWL? With the boat bobbing around in the water it would seem to be a hit or miss kind of thing.

Don Case
 Vancouver Island


Right now since the people building 3R?s are spread out all over the country, we are just taking the builder/designer?s word that the lwl is what they used in the formula. When the class grows, we will measure the length waterline in a tank, very similar to how the 10R class does it. This is best done indoors in a garage or basement so that there is no wind or waves to throw off the measurement.

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After getting a pm today from a fellow forum member, I thought I should make note of something. A 3R does not have to be built from scratch, because of how the class rules are written, boats from several currently recognized classes could be modified to be 3R class legal. With out sitting down and looking at specifics, I would say any of the following boats could be modified to be class legal.

  1. Victoria
  2. CR-914
  3. Seawind
  4. Fairwind
  5. USOM
  6. 36/600

Some of the above designs, could possible be legal in both classes by simply having two different sets of sails and keel fins.

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Ok don’t lnow what I did but I cannot open the file from your site. Unzipped and tried to get Rhino to read it but no luck.



I just downloaded the files to test them.

I did the following.

  1. saved the zipped files to my desk top
  2. extracted the individual .dxf files to my desk top
  3. I right clicked on the file then selected open with, and then selected rhino

Below is a screen shot after rhino loaded the file, In this case the stations file.


Did rhino give you any error messages?

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here is some shots of my new 3r. it hit the water last week. and i was even suprised. i think i may have a few strange questions to ask expert

here are 2 more
if i could figure out. if the backstay could affect the keel? maybe that is where i got my problem. i do know this 3r is faster than my seawind and my us 1 meter. it can keep up with the IOMs

here are some new pictures of my new 3r