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Began with my dad’s Nikon F2, later bought an used F3, last was F801.

Weddings=I miss them!! As Dick said, lots of cash!

Had also some other digi cam…NEVER AGAIN, though I still use one as a backup cam (Powershot A520)…

Now using a Canon digital Rebel 300D (or Kiss)…why Canon? good question…why not, very happy with it!!

Got my Canon this February, and over 1500 shots with it!

Of course I very soon was into Photoshop, talking PS, heres an open sourse version, VERY NICE and FREE: (similar to PS7) but getting better every day!!!

the GIMP

Just a thought and suggestion…

since this is in the “pub” - and you are administrator, could we make this a “How To” on r/c model sailboat photography? You can post/question and ask stuff that perhaps needs more info. People that read but don’t post much, but who are into photography (Rich Matt comes to mind) could add a lot of hints and address the “ugly” stuff he has seen as photo editor for Model Yachting.

Not to put together a complete educational series, but to answer some of those questions which might pop up, and maybe provide a place to go for hints and suggestions on how to take, edit and post better photos of our model boats. Feel free to move my post on “F-stop and depth of field of focus” over here, and I’m sure digital photo information, shutter speeds, film speeds, ISO settings, white balances, digital “noise”, and a few other topics might be useful. Also - it isn’t the camera, but often it’s the film that can impact photos. How to get 600 or better dpi from a 100 dpi photo? How to post. Etc. NOT - a camera classified section, or a place to brag about newest,most expensive cameras, but a way to share info and compare ideas. Example: - This weekend I spent some time discussing a video camera and the new potential buyer wasn’t aware they can take still photos, or that the quality is reasonable and acceptable for many. Do you need 8 megapixels - or is 5 enough? If 5 is enough, how about 4 or 3. What do you need for certain enlargement sizes? How about zoom lenses and difference between optical and digital and how each have an effect on our photos. What are the benefits of new thermal ink printers for photos. Where can you save photos on line for free. etc. etc.

Again - not a thread for camera gurus to discuss high end technical stuff - but a place to explore photography (digital and/or 35mm) with hints for amateurs on how to take better photos of their boats.

Just a suggestion - would be interested in ideas about this from others if this would be a helpful topic.

Actually if you intend to display the pix on a screen, even 2 meg pix is adequate at 1024x768 pixs.

I have a 5MP Canon with 12x optical zoom now. That(op zoom) is the key for small boats. Then I use the modern version of a motodrive and take about 4-6 shots on the trot.

Then I take up to 400 pix in a session (equivalent to 11 rolls of film).

That helps too as 99% of them are boring or cr*p.

I also apply cropping to the 99% and often find sommething of interest within.

The following link is taken with a 2meg pix fuji 2800 in 2002

More than adequate for thses pages and prints ok on small size.

NL photo archive.


How do you like your S2 IS? I purchased the S1, right before the S2 came out. I had originally planed to buy an S2, but when cannon announced the final features, I decided not to because it used SD for memory storage. Damn soccer moms and their smaller is better mentality. Do you use manual settings when you shoot, or auto?

Hi Dan, yes it is good cam. I try not to get into the “best cam” trap. If you scan oziomz, after cropping etc it is difficult for even me to know (even uncropped and orig come to think of it) which camera took what pic (Fuji 2800 or 7000 or Canon S2IS) . I very very very nearly bought a Panasonic FZ20 (and the 30 is out) but the Canon S2 used AA batteries and I have a stack of them. It is also quite small which is a bonus. The Panasonic FZ20 (and 5 and new 30) is awfully good though and Leica designed (and maybe build) the lens…so check that out Dan - 12 times zoom as well. But a bigger camera - like my Fuji 7000 but that is no issue for me. Propriortory battery I think - well not AAs.

On the S2 I use auto a lot but if i need to use the repeat feature, you have to use aperture or speed. No prob in practise.


I still need to get my BIG camera out for RC sailing, I am a yachting photographer, but I’m usually too busy on the sticks to get any camera and start shooting…may be soon :smiley:

Examples of my work

I’ve only managed to get my compact out once or twice and shoot while I’ve been sailing…but I think it’s a nice shot…and not just cos it’s my boat :smile3:

very nice!!