Photo pop-up window

Is there anyway we can have a choice of how attached/uploaded photos are displayed in threads?

That is to either keep it as is with the pop-up window viewer for the full size image. Or allow the full size image to be displayed inline in the thread.

Personally, I really hate the pup-up image viewer, as it is slow,or doesn’t always load the images.

When you go to use the feature “manage attachments” - it asks for either a file location on your computer, or a website URL if photo is on another website.

Once you select your photo - you have an option to add as an “Attachment” - or to “Insert Inline”

Many forums have removed the inline feature unless it has a previous website URL address and large photos (or very high resolution ones) take up a significant chunk of file space as well as bandwidth.

Also - if you decide to file your photos on a photo site, be sure they allow you to “hot link” to them - hot linking being buzzword for pasting the photo’s URL address in your document. This drives readers to your photos, but again, causes bandwidth problems for the web hosting the photos.

I would suggest you resize your photos to be a maximum physical size of 5x7 and a resolution of 72 dpi which is fine for computer viewing - and the physical size is big enough for readers to see any detail you are trying to provide. Just my opinion of course, as Chad is owner of the site. Smaller and lower resolution photos do load quicker.


Here is a small photo insterted “inline” - if you click on it the photo will still enlarge to original size.

This is what I don’t want, i.e. click to enlarge to original size.

I would prefer that just the original size image be shown in the post.