"Phi" IOM parts off tool

Just thought I would share some early pictures of first parts off tool (and also prematurely unveil the new Minuteman Model Yacht Club webpage). Just for fun and since posting has been a little slow recently!


click on [boat building]
click on [boats in progress]

and then check out the IOM pics. Pics include
Rough Pictures of Plug
Plug Finished
First parts off tool
Dry Fitting of first parts
and also a couple other little pieces.

great job on the website. who ever did it
it looks like i have another website to bookmark
keep up the good work

long live the cup and cris dickson


And as for the website. . . That is my doing as well . . .so thanks again!

We really hope to grow the content this year. . .especially in the photo, and boat building areas.


NICE JOB todd -

great introduction to r/c sailing and the local club.

Nice Job Todd, EXCEPT we don’t know where Needham is? You didn’t communicate that fact to us.

It must be USA Steve, they all have 75 MHz frequencies.

If you think it can’t be done, Move over and let those who are doing it show you the way…