I am new to rc sailing. I have ordered a Phantom from Hobby King and I am waiting for delivery. If anyone has any tips please share. I have raced big boats, so I know something about sailing. However, I have not done any rc sailing, assembled or built an rc sailboat. So I am thankful for any tips before I open the box & mess it up.
Thank you, Dixiedog
Saint Petersburg, FL, USA

welcom DD

honestly I would have contacted a local club and see what they are sailing. That way yo’d be building/buying a boat they already sail. It would make getting pertinent info for your particular boat much easier. Plus you may be able to score a deal on a boat thats being sold by a member and built and ready to go…

I’ve not seen the phantom in person, but looks like an almost ready to sail kit. Probably if you got it on friday you’d be able to sail it on sunday. if you had the lead shot and the transmiter.

you shoudl do a build log on it here and let us know what its like…
You’ll have to source some lead for the keel

Thanks Marcsmith,
There is group here and about six have Phantoms. They are very helpful. I am taking their advice and my time with the build. I was trolling for additional advice in my post. This is my first build and I don’t want it to sink or sail away out of control.
Thanks, Dixiedog

great that you have an established group with other boats that are the same. It makes life much easier and much more fun.

the first sail is always the most gut wrenching.

just make sure that your first sail has other around or a couple other boats in the water, that way they could corral you back to the dock if something happens.

check, double check, bench tests. CA all your knots.

and don’t get discouraged… things will break, your Tx/Rx may glitch form time to time… since this is your first build listen to what other folks have done and learn from their mistakes.

Just to add to Marc’s previous great suggestions for a first sail …

Try to do your first sail when wind is coming on-shore from lake or pond. Any glitches will allow the boat to drift/sail back to your starting point. Save sailing in off-shore breezes until both you and the boat have some sailing time to work out any issues - with the boat or the skipper. :wink: