Peaked Foredeck

For one meter boats, what is the typical height of the foredeck peak just forward of the mast? I cut out some shadows for 1.5" from the deck surface and it seems a little high. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.

Peaked deck (on my RG65) is approximately 2 cm (minimum) high on CL, if that helps any. Length of hull is 65 cm. CL of the peaked deck is 32 cm. long from rear of bow bumper to end of deck. While not a full 1 Meter, hope this helps.

Cheers, Dick

You can go to Frank Russell’s site and download the free plans for his Goth IOM. It contains the plans for a raised foredeck.


Thank you both.
Dick, that scales to pretty close to what I have.
Hiljoball, I will check it out, but the sheer of my boat is not so significantly sloped so it is hard to judge.
I will keep on track and if it is too high, I will just build a new one.

If not too late, you could also shape a foam block and see if it interferes. Lots easier and less time consuming to modify. If it happens to look like it will work, you can glue up some balsa strips or sheet and go from there. Just a thought.