Pea Pod Plans?

Hi, I’m new to this group. About 20(+/-) years ago I got the plans for a Pea Pod sailboat from some hobby magizine. The boat was built with “door skin” plywood. The plywood was cut into 4 peices and laced together and fiberglassed seams on the inside. I built it and was vary pleased with the results and it was easy to build. The finished size was approx. 36" X10" beam.

Due to a number of moves, I no longer have the plans and have never completed the radio instalation and rigging so I am unsure how to go about building the mast, sails, etc. The basic boat is still in great shape!

Can anyone help me with how to aquire a copy of the plans and/or give me some advice on how to figure mast hight, sail size and shape or anything that would help?


I have a friend here in town that built one about 25 years ago for a project with cub scout group. I will check and see if he has any information for you. (He keeps everything)

Have you looked at the thechnicle article at that is all about scratch building u.s.onemeter boats? there’s a wealth of info there on making keels, rigs, radio installation etc. Off hand 36x10 sounds about right for the proportions of a real pea-pod to me. The original pea-pods I think had very simple sprit sails. Have you seen Chapelles book on early american small boats? Its the definitive record (I think) on pea pods which are very elegant. I bet if you got a hold of an old fin and bulb from an R/C Laser it would be about the right weight. has all the radio stuff.

I like pea pods-
Good luck

I have some photo copied plans - both stock and then the revised hull/sail version. We have a couple sailing here, and a couple more being built. Email me and I can scan and send you pages, or mail to you. Just need to find them - moved offices and they are probably still in a box.

A rather “ungainly” looking boat, east to build using stitch and glue method and thin 1/8 inch or 3mm plywood. Sails OK for as heavy and wide as it is. No problem giving controls to kids and letting have a go - since they are pretty bullet-proof.