Overlappig text for Edit - Delete-Quote Buttons

Below the window for your posts, there are some buttons for Edit/Delete, Quote, multi-Quote, etc., and the text for those buttons is overlapping itself, probably because the size of the buttons are too small to fit the text. It looks like the text is in there twice or doubled. It’s the same no matter which browser I use.

Could someone please look into it? It’s a mess down there, and you can’t tell where to point your mouse.

Thx a lot.

Making that kind of format change is currently above my pay grade. Sorry.


I agree with TomoHawk, I did the same remark longtime ago, probably 2 years and nothing happen since !!

I thought Chad would be the one to make the changes.

Yup - you thought correctly. Claudio’s comments were forwarded when he made them.