Outstanding Footy Stand!!

We have a new Footy owner to add to the list…my friend Alain Jousse from Portsmouth, NH. I sailed with him yesterday, and he brought his Pipsqueak to show me.

The really great thing is the stand he built for it that Alain’s wife suggested. This thing is just too cool! [:-thumbu][:-thumbu]

I can envision a whole series of creative Footy stands…duck feet, baby shoes, painted toenails, bigfoot…[;)]

Build 'em, and post the pics. If we get crative, Bruce could have a new topic (Footy Feet?) to put on the website.


Download Attachment: OneFooterAlainJousse_2005_06.jpg

I love the stand!!!

-Wis (aka Laurent)

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Ditto what Wis said!!! It’s great!

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Don’t forget to have fun!!!

Since none of those image links seem to be working, could somebody please put up new or updated links, or new pic, or something?


Here’s a Footy stand pic…the old links were lost at some point when this site was updated.

Man, I need high-speed Internet…took me more than a dozen attempts to get this posted with my dial-up connection. I gave up after several tries on the second pic. But that’s the price I pay for living in the woods. Good thing I love you guys, or it wouldn’t be worth the trouble!


Thanks a lot. I’m sure I can get some ideas from that.