Out of Practice

Hello to you all,

I’m Martin, but as I’m (formerly) a sail maker I thought I’d use that for my nickname - in German because it’s been nabbed in the English.

Many years ago I used to sail a scale, gaff rigged 28’ Falmouth working boat, the hull of which I got from Barry Chisam (a very handy family friend to have! :)) and which is lurking in the loft at my parents’ house. As I now have three kids, the oldest of whom loves the water and boats…and pretty much everything else…I thought I’d resurrect it and get the children involved. I’m also thinking of trying a land yacht out for them…well for me, but that’s the official reason I’m giving out.
I also have a one meter race hull from Barry which I’ve been thinking of doing something with. It’s one of his early ones from the late 90s when his designs started to make waves (sorry :rolleyes:). At the moment all I have is the hull and a single frame, so I’m going to be starting from the very basics. I guess I should let everyone know that I’m not the healthiest of guys nowadays so my pace is a tad slow, and the wallet suitably restricted by other small, noisy creations, so I apologise in advance if I’m off the pace at all!