Other scales:1/4,1/6,1/8?

A big 1/10th fan!!

However before all of this I made models of different scales because of the actual size of the real boat:

1/4 scale: Optimist,420,and iceboats:Renegade,DN and Nite.(all are tooled
1/6 scale: Slip Slidding Away(G&S one ton 1985) actual model was 78" long

1/8 scale: Colgate 26(39"),Ultimate 24(36"),now:Flying Tiger (
10meter )

Has anyone built to these scales? Derusha

Probably a few Dean - but doubt you will see them reflected here on this forum in any numbers, mainly because they were built for the owner’s pleasure, they have no class in which to race, and AMYA (here in the US) does a P*ss Poor job of supporting any r/c sailing unless it involves racing!

I did a C&C 41 from photos in Yacht Racing & Cruising magazine ( shows how long ago) and wound up giving it to Cougar, as there was no reason to finish at 1 Meter. It wasn’t competitive, and wasn’t legal in a few of the classes, so when my interests turned elsewhere, it had little value to me. Now, with advent of the scale classes, perhaps I was a bit hasty ! :wink:

Sorry about photo resolution - these were taken from an MS Word dcoument.

Thanks Dick for the photo’s!..we still have our 1971 C&C 43.
I want to help in all of this.Not sure if the 1/10th post had me in mind for supplying and voting thing. Up front I would pay the dues yet not vote or cause any wrestling. I do love making these models and want to see other’s in their pursuit. Derusha

I have built numerous models to oddball scales. One that I have used a lot is 1/6. That is because my interest lies in small boats and I want my models to have dimensions in a size that might (or might not) sail well. For example a Flying Dutchman or Lightning will scale to about 38 inches LOA. You can get an architects scale that is 2" to the foot. That scale makes the process easier and you can simply work from the full sized offset tables.

I have recently had a brainstorm that involves a weird scale of 4.6. That is a bit more difficult but some of the computer programs take the pain out of such goofy scales. My 4.6 project is a model of a Cortez Melonseed dinghy. The model will finish at one meter and will be almost acceptable as a US1M. It is not likely to be competitive because it has a gaff cat rig. In real life these little boats are remarkably fast and stable and able to stay with some pretty snazzy dinghys of similar size. The guys at the pond will not likely be threatened by the Melonseed model but they will think it is cute at the least.

My experience with the selection of various scales involves comparitive displacements. A full sized boat at, say, 1500 pounds all up will need the model to weigh about 7 pounds if done at 1/6 scale. The decision about scale involves our estimate of how achievable the target weight of the model might be.

Thanks for sharing…pictures would be great if you have them! All the best!