other dealer

im trying to look for other dealers of this boat

the other dealers i saw says MOUSOON on their sail, but this one says MONSOON which is correct. my only concern is i think it’s a bit pricey. so im looking for other shops that sells but i cant find in google.

Please excuse this question, but I would like to know why, since you are posting from Shanghai, you cannot find a dealer for a boat that is made in China. We are beset with spammers, so I hope you understand that as a moderator I must be careful. Are you sure you weren’t able to find anything on Google? I found 215 sites.



if this is seroius… post agian… I have a friend who is looking at buying this…
tell us were you are… and i can help you… i know a few places that sell this kit


Earl - they/he is also here:

Cougar - steer friend away from this “junk”. A lengthy discussion on the RCGroups forum - look for MONSOON :wink:

sort of what i thought…i have seen a few threads where they say this is the best yatch they ever brought… but also where they bought junk…
of all the ready to run boats… i am trying to steer my friend into a seawind…
I realy enjoy mine… but he looked at the thunder tiger etnz… Now that was expensive… and he saw the monsoon… and it looked like a knock off of the thunder tiger …i can get these boats in canada for cheap

BUt i am not getting it… i am into IOM and marblehead… after following claudio… maybe an iacc120 is in the works… oracle looks like a project

and sorry … i have a tri… dont need another…( 2 ioms… i cut in the middle and then joined on booms…hey it works…:zbeer:

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