Other Country Footy registrars

Hi all,
We currently have registrars in 3 countries USA,the UK and New Zealand.
From time to time I get inquires to register boats from other countries,of course I am unable to help them.
If anyone from other countries would like to take it upon themselves to become Footy class registrars then I suggest you contact Charles Hall through the Footy class web site so your information can be added to the registrars list.
This way you can then pettition your Countries Governing body to take on the class at some point or form your own class association within your county.

There seems to be a growing number of Canadian Footys. Could someone there volunteer to handle registration for Canada??

Bill H

Bill re your registering boats in Canada I currently have a list of 30 boats and plan to group register them with the Canadian radio yachting assoc. this fall. people can contact me at billshorney@rogers.com.

Bill, I have added your email address to the Footy website as a contact for Canada. Is you real name Bill S. Horney or Bill Shorney??


Charles Hall
Footy webmaster

Does anyone know the Australian equivalent to the AMYA?


Charles, this is the link to the Australian Radio Yachting Association INC.


As from today,I am the official MYA Footy Class Registrar for the UK: Bill Green is standing down because he is over-presed with other things.

My name is Angus Richardson

My address is
18 Highfield Road,
Colwyn Bay,
LL29 7UF
United Kingdom

tel. +44 (0)1492 534 356

e-mail translate@enterprise.net

Anyone emaling try to make the subject line sensible: I have a pretty vigorous spam filter and an even more ruthless delete key!


Any more volunteers for national registrars?

It rather looks as if we have unregistered boats in Ireland and Denmark.

All volunteers please take one pace forward!

Expand the ragistras zone to europe, The amiricas, and australasia (including asia), possibly find someone for africa but ium noit sure of the demand there. This could then be changed when the class gets bigger

Don’t we already have a Registrar for Australia and surrounding countries?

Wikipedia definition of Australasia…

[i]Australasia is a term variably used to describe a region of Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, and neighbouring islands in the Pacific Ocean.

The term was coined by Charles de Brosses in Histoire des navigations aux terres australes (1756). He derived it from the Latin for “south of Asia” and differentiated the area from Polynesia (to the east) and the southeast Pacific (Magellanica). It is also distinct from Micronesia (to the northeast).[/i]

Is this Brett’s position or is there a need for a Registrar for each individual country with a governing body, even when it is not a recognised class within that body…?

More than happy to assist… What’s involved…???

Hi Waboats. We currently have four class registrars: http://footy.rcsailing.net/register.php
Anyone willing to volunteer for the job in a country not already represented is most welcome! Email me at charles.p.hall@gmail.com to volunteer, or contact any of the other registrars to learn more.


Charles Hall
Footy site webmaster

After John Flahives (waboats) performance and ramblings on this forum and another
I really am not sure that he would be to interested in keeping a register of Footy class yachts…nor the class as a whole be interested in him doing so.


Thank you for that. I have submitted a request for registration of my previously constructed three boats as per the website instructions to Mr McCormack as the nearest regional registrar. These meet teh current rules as provided with various innovation always in R&D mode. Skirts a la Aus 2 though :wink:

My 4th, San Francisco Bay Scow Schooner (Midwest Products Exact Model 12" Hull) is in progress as we speak. Like small as they are difficult to model when dealing with exact scale. It’ll run on my pool quite nicely and a great attention grabber to the other possibilities.

My R/C Clog is perhaps not worthy albieit it is 11.5 inches in length with no ballast required. Meets all Footy Restrictions… Handles 5 mph breeze with ease…

I digress…

As there is no class recognition in NZ I can only therefore believe that this is a regional area purely for the footy. In my estimation Australasia as a region would seem to be the best registration medium given the limited numbers involved.

Having said this I have also provided for the willingness to perform the function in the absence of a current Regiustrar for Australia, albeit on a short term basis or until such time as a permanent solution can be found.

Wouldn’t want to miss registering boats merely because of a location especially considering the class is attempting to gain international recognition, notwitstanding the need for Local Recognition as well.

Once again many thanks. I believe it is in hand…


Mr Brett McCormack

Please do not presume to know what would or would not interest me… Careful… cause it could be seen as slanderous making assumptions like this. and from a Moderator no less… How insulting… and such double standards :rolleyes:

You may express you position rather than attempt to put words to what I might do, yet in light of your obvious bias and degeneration of a simple Rule Interpretation Request I feel that working with you would indeed be very difficult.

My offer as a Registrar is merely that… Nothing more than keeping a written record of information. Nothing difficult or strenuous there I feel… It’s not a technical position and well, enough said…

I don’t see any Grandeur in this exalted position. Or am I missing something here?

More than happy for you to take the Regional Registrars position…


I hope it was obvious to everyone that It is and still is impossible for me to register John Flahives footys in New Zealand.
A quick read of the class charter will show that the boats must be registered with national registrars.That is in the owners country for those who are not sure.
John and I live in different countries and he might as well have asked the MYA or AMYA footy classes the same question.He would have gotten the same answer from them as well.
As a class though we do need to find someone to do this job for us in Aus,pref someone with involvment with ARYA.Hopefully we can find someone sutible.Any Aussies want a job??
John of course offered his services but it seems obvious to me and the other members that his motives are somewhat different to ours.Why he would actually want to be a member of an Assoc he intends to take legal action against I cannot fathom.

Anyway I don’t raise this to stir up any trouble,merely to state the obvious and put the matter to rest publicly,and clear up any misconceptions this thread may have conveyed.
Once an AUS registrar is found John can register his boats,no problem.


The first Footys in Sweden have made their appearance. Svenska Modellseglarförbundet (the Swedish national radio sailing authority) have given Per Dahlström of Huddinge permission to act as the National Registrar. For registration questions in Sweden, he can be contacted at per@exacta.nu. Apart from trying to expand the class in Sweden, Per is hoping to attend one of the events being run in UK this summer.

Is there a australian registrar , I would do it but Im not dedicated enough. It took me 6 months to build mine:D plus it would probably be advantageous for someone affiliated with the arya to be the registrar. I have finaly got my footy to a sailable state, I have noticed someone has a 01 sail number in Australia.

Nick, I have sent you a PM.