ordering carbon fiber cloth

Does anyone know of a good place to order carbon fiber cloth?

Regardless of where ordered - carbon will be expensive. Here are a couple places I have used for regular “glass” orders.

Aerospace Composites
Raka Fiberglass

Use web search to find them and pricing.

I have bigger list at home - will post later tonight as an edit to this post.

MacLean Quality Composites
Fibre Glast Developments Corp
Fiberglass Supply, Inc.
Model Research Labs
Discount Composites

Also check surfboard and sailboard building web sites. Not all of above carry carbon - but might find other products of interest too.

I highly reccomend Fiberglass supply inc @

Great selection and price on all fabrics. When I was looking for a “supplier” a couple years ago, I found that there prices (at the time) were about 20% lower than other places, and that they had greater variety of products. Also they had better volume discounts than other places.

That being said, I have since found several places that will “match any price.” But at that point, I would rather order from fiberglass inc.

I used to have a spread sheet that listed all the online suppliers of CF in the US. I compared the cost of 1 yard of 5.8 oz plain weave cloth at each location. It might be worth doing this again now that a couple years have passed.
Anyone want to do this?


Are you looking for “dry” carbon or prepreg? If you are using dry, I would be interested to know why, and what kind of weight savings you expect to achieve over a standard wet layup… unless you are just using it as an overlay reinforcement.