Orange Crush!!!

Orange Crush finally made it to the sea! (well, make that a large lake… with out salt, and 5" chop… and extra pickles, no mustard:p)

anyhow, yeah, i finally got all the little things finished, and got up the nerve to splash her… it was blowing -this is my best guess here guys- about 23knts, and the huge “A” rig was way over powered… it tore the sheeting servo out of its mount…:scared: so, looks like she need a smaller rig for those big wind days, but otherwise all was well! the boat tracks beautifully with its big rudder, and shoots to windward like nobody’s business… of course being an “American Muscle Footy” she is best on a beam reach, heeled over, careening toward the beach… (and that is when the sheeting blew, leaving my lovely boat to take a roll in the surf:mad:)

a nice man came along, and was interested in the boat, so i had him drive while i snapped some pics… hmmm, maybe next time sail the boat AWAY from the sun!!! i’ll have to pictures up tomorrow on my website, but now, i am going to bed… yawns…

more later!

The photos look good. It doesn’t look too overpowered to me. Maybe it’s just the timing of the photos. Now all you have to do is get it to a race. subtle hint

Keep up the great work.

hey tal,

yeah, the pics sorta missed the times that the boat was over on its ear… but part of it also might have been the fact that i had no sail control… grrrrrr


i would love to get to a regatta, but unfortunately, i am going to be enroute to california at the time of the NC regatta… sigh.

i’ll get to one at some point though!